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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you Bette Midler!

Why am I thanking Bette Midler? Cuz she ROCKS! Somehow she got Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to include a performance of her Broadway show Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Gays and Drag Queens performing...who could ask for more? I could barely believe my eyes. I texted my gf, but I was so astounded, that I couldn't move until the performance was almost over. She missed it. But I'll show her this when she comes over later:

We've come a long way baby!
Thank you Ms. Bette!

And now...a Thanksgiving Meme, courtesy of The Weekly Adventures Of An Ordinary Girl.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

1. What are the traditional favorites? For our family it's turkey cooked in the Nesco Roaster with Sweet Potatoes. Stuffing made in the oven (ok, ok, I know it's supposed to be called dressing if it's not in the bird, but we've always called it stuffing. And besides, we all love it crispy on top). And we make regular ol' stuffing like my Mom made, none of this weird stuff. Celery, onions, seasoning, and the liver, gizard and heart chopped up very fine. And chicken broth, no stick of butter (sorry Mom, trying to be healthy, and it's still awesome!) Green bean casserole, roasted brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, whole berry cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie (plenty of Cool Whip) and lattice top blueberry pie. (Pies were frozen and pre-baked courtesy of a friend who couldn't use them. Woo hoo! No baking this year! Thank you! Thank you!)

2. What new recipes will you try this year? Nope, going with the tried and true. Besides, this was all last minute...I thought I was flying solo, but the kids are home sick with colds.

3. What part of the meal do you never compromise? Probably the turkey. It's got to be big enough for leftovers.

4. Who gets to carve the turkey? I carve the turkey.

5. Family style around the table or buffet style and everyone sits wherever there’s room?
Buffet style.

6. How many will be at your table this year? Just the 3 of us.

7. Three best pies for Thanksgiving dessert? Always have to have pumpkin. I love pecan pie, but no one else does, so I never have it. (Now wait a minute...that means it's all mine then, right?) And apple pie. But no apple pie this year. I will probably make it for Christmas.

8. Cranberry sauce… yay or nay? Whole berry cranberry sauce. I tried making from scratch one year and it was just too much hassle.

9. What time do you eat Thanksgiving Dinner? Usually around 3pm, but the bird isn't ready yet..

10. Favorite leftover?
White meat for sandwiches with butter and a sprinkle of garlic salt (just like Mom made). Legs and wings are for snackin' if I can hide them from my son. Lol!

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