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Monday, November 12, 2012

Calling BS on the post election nonsense

Whether you are happy with the outcome of the election or not, the trash talking and grim analysis of the economy is BS.

It's been how many days since the election? 7 days

The Fiscal Cliff... Why is it necessary to coin this nonsensical phrase to explain the current predicament our economy is in?  Did something change in the last 7 days that we aren't aware of?  I think we all know that the economy is in the toilet and that we may be heading for another recession.  Why do we need some fancy ass name for it?  Does that change our situation?

Ok, I get it, some of you are upset because your candidate lost.  It just as easily could have been the other candidate.  Why the trash talking?  Why the acting as if the election is over, DO SOMETHING?

Change takes time.  
With time and working together, America can do anything!
Get off your high horses and DO SOMETHING.  
If you are an employer, add some jobs.  
If you are a politician, put aside the differences across the aisle, roll up your sleeves and get something positive accomplished for our economy.

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