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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Randomness

My daughter and I voted at 6:20am yesterday.  We were numbers 43 and 44.  So that's quite a lot for so early.  At least in our precinct.  We were in and out in 10 minutes.

Last night we watched Netflix shows on my Blu-ray player that I got for Christmas.  Yes, we finally figured it out after several false starts.  First needed and HDMI cable (damn they are pricey!), then an ethernet cable.  Then had to figure out how to do the Netflix on the Blu-ray player, when it really didn't say how.  I already have a Netflix account, so I needed the player to recognize that.  Turns out the player comes built in with a code and you have to go online on a computer, log into Netflix and enter the code.  Anyway...Netflix, meant I missed all the nonsense on the stations covering the election.  I was a bit sad I missed the "allegedly" drunken Diane Sawyer, but thanks to youtube, I didn't miss it after all.  If you missed it, check it out:
Now I wouldn't put Ms. Sawyer in the same category as Janet Davies, but she clearly sounds impaired in some way.  Whether she was going to long with no sleep, and getting punchy, or "allegedly" under the influence as some have speculated.

Some Facebook friends from my hometown had been talking smack about the election for weeks.  They were clearly for Romney.  I got to work early and checked Facebook on my cell phone and was laughing out loud as I read their posts after the election was called.  It was quite entertaining.

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Paula said...

Dang I won't get to see Diane Sawyer being drunk I guess. LOL I am talking smack about the election too and I voted for Romney. Don't hold that against me. And I will keep reading your blog even though you voted for the 'other' guy. LOL

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