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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Your furry bestie...when it’s time...

I should start out by saying I have had 3 pets cross the rainbow bridge. My dog, Maxwell, my black cat Hannah, and my gray cat Sophie. I am no stranger to grieving for a pet, and I’m certainly sympathetic when someone I know experiences the loss of a pet.

A lot of the kids I grew up with in my neighborhood bought their parents homes. I am Facebook friends with nearly all of them. So for weeks now my childhood neighbor from across the street had been posting about how her pet was 17 years old, trouble walking, blind, pale gums, lost weight and was not eating. She refused to accept that her furry pal was dying. She kept asking for advice on how to get the pet to eat. After every comment she lamented how she didn’t want her furry pal to die. This went on for weeks, did I mention that? To me she was being tremendously selfish, thinking only of herself. That poor animal suffered needlessly. That’s my opinion anyway. I have had my dog and 1 cat put down. It was by no means an easy decision in either case. (The other cat ran away, due to her age at the time I’m certain she has passed.) Facebook wasn’t around back then, but I can’t imagine writing posts like she did. In fact, I don’t really think I talked to anyone outside my family, and even then I kept the details sparse. 

Unfortunately her pet passed over the holiday. She has gone on and on with numerous posts per day saying how heartbroken she is and basically seeking out sympathy. I’m sorry, but it just rubs me the wrong way. This woman is not alone, she is married, has children and grandchildren. Were she alone perhaps I would feel differently, but she is not alone. I feel like someone who is carrying on like this should seek therapy. I know if I have to keep seeing it on Facebook I’m going to need to seek therapy. (JK)

**I’ve tried to comment on this 5 times, I publish, nothing happens. I do not like this new Blogger app. I can’t get access to approve my own comments and I can’t change/rearrange anything on my blog.

Not long after this another Facebook peep had posted numerous photo montages of her pet ferret who passed unexpectedly. It’s Facebook, it’s me, bad on me.

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Lin said...

Aw, Lola...melt your heart a bit! You can be in a household of people and still feel lonely. That pet may have been the thing that she was closest to in that house and she didn't want to lose that. And now that it is gone, she is very sad.

FB is hard because we judge others by a few sentences...a few posts. It may just be the only place that she has to put in words how sad she is and how she is grieving for her loved one. Maybe nobody in the house cares and she just needs to say it. I have my blog to process my feelings, so I guess I am guilty of the same??? I know when Grace died, I was devastated...and I have a house full of people I love. I was just close to her...and I miss her to this day.

I hope this doesn't push you to therapy. ;)

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