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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Insomniac Theater

I suffer from insomnia A LOT. Much of it has to do with my pain issues, but it also has a lot to do with stress. Regardless of what prescription I take, I toss and turn like a fish out of water until the medication takes hold. That puts me in the doghouse a lot too.

Sunday night I couldn’t sleep. My partner gave me a verbal warning. She was exhausted and did not want to get woke up by my flounder impression. I take verbal warnings SERIOUSLY! So I decided to stay downstairs and watch something on the laptop until I was so sleepy I couldn’t hold up my head. My tactic worked in the sense that when I went to bed I dropped off to sleep almost immediately. However, I didn’t go to bed until past 2am!

What did I watch? Episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy”. I never saw an episode until Sunday night. I never watched it as it originally aired because I was all “ER”’d out. I had enough of medical drama type shows and just wasn’t in the mood for another.

How stupid of me!

Initially I decided to begin with the first episode of season 4, thinking that would get me up to speed without investing a lot of time. I got to the third episode of season 4 and had to rethink my approach. The reason? The beginning of season 4 has George’s wife wondering if he’s had an affair and Izzie keeps telling George he has to tell his wife. Since I jumped in right at that point, I didn’t know the ‘history’ and I seriously could not believe that George and Izzie had an affair. So I stopped at season 4 episode 3 and googled to find out when it happened and began watching from season 3 episode 19 and I’m going forward from there.

I’ve been doing this “Grey’s Anatomy” late night ritual since Sunday. I think that quite a few shows are better watched back to back, rather than once a week like when they originally aired. I also think you notice a lot more things about the characters, the actors and the writing.

One thing I noticed? T.R. Knight apparently went to the Andrew McCarthy school of acting. The deer in headlights blank stare. It’s starting to annoy me.

I’m just sayin…..

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Deb said...

LOL on the deer in the headlights comment. Found you thru your comment at Crockpot Lady.

I didn't watch Grey's when it first came out either but had seen a rerun on Lifetime tv I think when I got hooked. I thought I was all Medical drama'ed out too but somehow got hooked on House over the summer. My husband and I though are waiting until they start running the season repeats over since we weren't caught up on last season until it had already started and didn't want to jump ahead.

Hope that you can get some good regular sleep soon!

Lola said...

Welcome Deb.

Thanks! I hope I get some good regular sleep soon too.

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