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Friday, July 20, 2018

More medical appointments

Thought we were seeing a Neurologist Oncologist about the gamma knife procedure. Turned out to be a 2nd opinion. Now I have a referral for a Neurologist Oncologist. Monday I will be calling to make an appointment for a consultation.

This 2nd Neurologist recommended MRI checkups every 6 months, rather than a year the the other doctor recommended. I am definitely more comfortable with that. 

We asked if my sense of balance could get worse. He said yes. I’ve been lucky, only 1 bad fall...more of a slip and push myself against the wall and slid to the floor instead of falling. Probably better than falling, but terrible wall burns on my back. Lol!

I also have to have a sleep study done. I got a call today. They have to send me paperwork to read before I can schedule my appointment. Homework. 😲

Since end of May, every week I’ve had multiple doctor appointments and/or tests. Gah! Combine that with my wife, daughter and son appointments, I’m booked up.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Fun at the local office

Going to any government office and having to wait for your number or name to be called the only thing to do is people watch. And at Social Security the people watching is some of the finest.

The room is packed. There is the usual screaming children and there is a woman talking loudly about things of a personal nature. She started out talking to her daughter seated to her right and then to the stranger seated to her left. Apparently the daughter is receiving benefits and the mother is the custodian of the benefits. Although the daughter never spoke (the mother did all the talking) it was clear she wanted her money and a change in her living arrangements. The mother repeatedly told her daughter that she is not capable of paying her own bills and that is why the mother handles her finances. She went on to say that basically her daughter is “mentally retarded” (her words) and cannot take care of herself. Then she went on about how she knew when she was born that she was different than her other children. 

Apparently she received forms to complete addressed to a Mrs. Miller (not their name) and a set for her daughter to complete (standard protocol) She said “I’m not Mrs. Miller” and proceeded to go on about how they had paperwork issues previously. Then she went back to her daughter’s issues. She actually said, “Do you want me to order a U-Haul and we’ll pack up your stuff. Are you able to look for your own apartment? No, you can’t do that.”

Her daughter was around my daughter’s age, maybe a bit older. My heart hurt for the way her mother was talking to her and talking about her. I am always cognizant when I have to discuss my children’s illness when they are around. I leave them momentarily to talk in the hallway, or discuss in whispers away from them. This young lady was not aware of what was going on. So sad. My children are generally aware, unless they are having bad symptoms of their illness.

Their number was called before mine and I got the full audio visual experience. The mother responded loudly to the examiner’s questions. The examiner insisted that she go over the forms with the daughter and have the daughter respond since the daughter was not capable of completing them. I never heard a response, the daughter was not loud like her mother. For most questions the mother gave responses after the daughter to clarify. The daughter cannot be left alone, cannot cook for herself, cannot manage her daily hygiene and grooming, etc. The mother said her daughter has been on a wait list for several years with the same group home agency my daughter uses. It seems people with cognitive issues have greater difficulty getting into a group home. I’m betting it’s because the ones with a mental illness are easier to manage. 

Although the mother’s behavior was inappropriate (talking loudly about her daughter’s business) I could tell she was also struggling. Her other adult children and her sisters never gave her a respite from the 24/7 care of this daughter. I’ve been there. I wanted to chat with her for a minute or slip her a note (I had no paper or pen). I wanted to suggest to her to ask about day programs at the 2 agencies in the area. It isn’t necessary to live in one of their group homes to participate in a day program. My number was called and I didn’t get the chance.

The examiner I spoke with was very nice, very helpful. When I told her what my insurance company representative said “Call Social Security and ask them to expedite your claim” she laughed! I got a government worker to laugh! 

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Now this is funny...

Haven’t heard from my employer for months. 

Today I got 2 disturbing communiques, a letter from my insurance company, BCBS, and an email from my employer’s insurance broker. 

The letter states that my coverage is being terminated end of August, open enrollment was December so the policy year hasn’t ended. The last communication I got from the broker was that my Cobra coverage will terminate end of July 2019. I email and call my former boss and get no reply.

The email from the broker was requesting that I send them my Social Security Disability Award Letter so they can forward it to BCBS. I can’t do that because I just recently applied. I’ve had a lot of health issues and worked on it a bit here and there until it was finished. I told the guy that decisions can take 6-12 months, or longer. So, need a good laugh? He tells me to call Social Security and ask that they expedite my application.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If that were possible wouldn’t everyone do that? 

I will be going to my local Social Security Office Monday to find out the status of my application, have them fix my online account and find out if I can apply for Medicare before I get a Social Security Award Letter. 

I can’t wait to tell them that BCBS wants me to ask Social Security to expedite my application for disability? If only I could take a photo with my phone, but no phones or cameras are allowed. Maybe I’ll go all courtroom artist and draw a picture. 

Wish me luck!
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July...through the years

When I was a kid growing up in a southeast suburb of Milwaukee every 4th of July was the same. We had a tradition. Dad would drop us kids off at the high school where the parade was lining up. He and Mom would park at the VFW and Dad would help set up the free ice cream and soda for the kids walking in the parade. 

Each elementary school had a section, the high school marching band, the old timey fire trucks, tractors and convertibles with the Mayor and various beauty pageant winners. We walked in the parade every year for our elementary school. 

Did you notice the part where I typed that the kids walking in the parade got ice cream and soda? Yeah, you didn’t think we just did it for the tradition did you? There were orange push-ups for the little kids and the rest got ice cream cups with a wooden spoon. There was pop too. Orange Fanta, Rootbeer, and RED Fanta. I don’t know what that flavor was, but it was the sweetest soda on the planet. If you were lucky enough to score a Red Fanta you got the biggest sugar rush ever, if you ate part of the ice cream and then made yourself a lil Red Fanta float. Do they still sell Red Fanta? It’s not Strawberry, not cherry, not fruit punch, it’s just RED.

After the ice cream and soda there were the usual contests:  cutest baby, best decorated bike, and baseball games. At dusk there were fireworks. And of course the beer was flowing in the VFW hall. We always left after my Dad helped clean up after the ice cream and soda. We weren’t into watching the ball games or the contests. After I got my first car we’d go back later for the fireworks and meet up with our friends.

Living in Chicago when my kids were little we didn’t know of any 4th parades, so it was a good excuse to drive up for my hometown parade. We’d pack a picnic basket or bring the Hibatchi and hot dogs, spread a blanket on the grass on a prime viewing spot. High enough to see, but low enough so the kids could catch Bazooka gum thrown when the fire trucks passed by. 

Making the long drive every year and having to do all the packing and driving got too much with my long hours at the village. I found a parade near Chicago, in Skokie that we started to go to. They didn’t have the ice cream and soda, but they did have the Shriners in those tiny cars, and I got pretty adept at finding parking close.

Nowadays we really don’t do anything for the 4th. Our burb does do a parade. They close off a main street nearby. It’s drop off or walk. We will bbq. We’re having ribs (thank you Jewel and your buy 1 rack, get 2 Free!) I’m planning on making homemade potato salad in the Instant Pot. My daughter has to work...4pm-8pm. What a crummy shift! We’ll be driving home right about the time all the neighborhood shenanigans start. (Illegal fireworks.) I’m not a spoil sport, if you want to drive to Indiana, spend a paycheck or 2 on illegal fireworks and blow off a couple fingers, go for it. If you want to shoot them off everyday the week before, the week of, and for a month after, gah! Not a fan! I really am very glad to be in the burbs. When I lived in Chicago there would be gunshots all night. Here in the burbs we might get 1 hillbilly shoot off a rifle, but it’s not sounding like a war zone in Chicago.

I was so looking forward to chillin with some brewski’s, or Lime-a-Rita’s. Just relaxing. Hopefully I can get some chillin in before bedtime. Lol!

Enjoy the 4th! If you must diy your own spectacular fireworks display, be safe. If you can’t be safe...have good insurance. 

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Memory books Part 2

So I did it. I actually bought 2 really cool looking journals to use as Memory Books.
MALEDEN Refillable Spiral Daily Notepad Classic Embossed Travel Journal Diary
I also had to spring for a set of quick-drying, no smear fancy markers. Being left handed, the no smear is not optional.

So then I decided I had to get something to tote these around in and make use of wait times for all my appointments. Not a tote. NOT a purse. More like a cross body messenger bag. Just like the Bellino one which has vanished on me.
Bellino the Outback Sling, Brown
I think it took me 6 months to select that cross body messenger bag. I figure it will turn up after I buy a suitable stand in. 
So I got a deal on a Union Bay cross body bag. Not a messenger bag, but definitely NOT a purse. I’m not a purse person. Can we call it a satchel?

Ok, so it’s, kinda girly. But it’s also kinda 70’s...maybe? Boho? I have this thing lately about calling clothing and stuff Boho. So, it’s got that tassel goin on, that’s kind of Boho, right? It is a cross body bag. It’s very much that. I’m good with that. The 2 journals, pens and extra paper fit perfectly. Still room for a charger pack and phone cord too.

I’m so glad I painstakingly looked up photos for each item. Sorry, they are not showing up in the post. 🤨

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Memory books and boxes

Have you ever thought about writing a book with your memories for your children? Or doing a memory box? Do you have any ideas?

I went on Pinterest and got some ideas. I think the way I want to approach it is to take my Tupperware Photo Boxes, get them in chronological order. Start with those photos and not only write about them, but the spaces in between. And also write about my memories growing up. 

Because of my children’s illness’s they don’t talk much about before they became ill. I’m not sure if it’s the illness that caused them to lose those memories, or if they still have them but don’t talk about them because they don’t want to bring them up and possibly make me sad. My daughter brought one up about a week ago and I can’t even express how happy I was that she retained that one and that it was a happy one.

There is a noticeable gap between those photo boxes and photos saved from my Blackberry and iPhones onto my backup drive. 

I want to start taking more photos and start using the camera I bought for our wedding. 

Update: I ordered 2 journals on Amazon along with lined refills, a cabinet organizer thing, and my main reason for ordering...rubber covers for my Honda Key Fob. I had to spend $35 to get next day shipping. The key fob thing had me freaked out, since I can’t find the other fob and the valet key. (If my son would stop snooping and moving things around, the keys would be where I store them.) I had to get those suckers fast. My spouse was nice enough to check 2 nearby auto parts places. One used to sell them, can’t get them anymore, the other only had Ford covers left. Of course Amazon has everything. As soon as I ripped open the box I tore through it to find the 2 pack of covers, popped one out and put it on. That sucker is snug!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Car repair is never ending

I bid farewell to the rental Cadillac. Pulled into the Enterprise lot. One last check of the back seat...still no baby.

Original diagnosis, passenger front sway bar had to be replaced. Oil change. Not too bad $. Spouse picked it up and me. Said something not right, still bad noise. So I drove it home. AWFUL noise. Dropped us at home and took it back and took the mechanic for a ride. Of course no noise! But she kept driving until it made noise. Diagnosis? Rear brakes AND rotors. And we still have power steering issues, either the hoses or the pump. Spouse wants to wait on the power steering. Nope. In my experience, Murphy’s law has always ruled. If the pump goes completely it could cause other problems. May have to split the repairs over Thursday and Friday because I have an appointment to get the results on my shoulders.

One silver lining? No payments on the Pilot! So I shouldn’t really complain, but all these repairs at once really hurts.

What hurts more, though, is to make the payment on the Odyssey every month when it has sat in the driveway for close to a year. 

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