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Monday, January 21, 2019

How long do you wait...

To replace a lost item, replace it, then the original turns up in the strangest place?

Without getting all mathematical, the answer is as follows:

The item is lost 2 years. It originally cost $30.00.
The new item was purchased 10 days ago. EXACTLY 10 days ago for $7.00.
The original item turned up today in a plastic shoe keeper under important documents.

What is the item?
An FM Transmitter that plugs into you cigarette lighter so you can play music from your phone via Bluetooth over your vehicle’s car stereo.

It’s replacement cost $7 on clearance at Walmart. Not the same brand, not as fancy, but works just as well. 

It’s been driving me bat crap crazy being stuck in traffic and having to listen to that new kid’s music. Get off my lawn! I’m not in the car often enough to have any of that new stuff light my fancy. I love me some...oldies (it pains me to type that, but that’s what the kids these days are calling 60’s-80’s music). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that stuff, and I love playing “Name That Tune” with my son. Some songs it’s just a few notes, I shout out the song and the artist and my son gives me the look. It’s the ‘really Mom? Show off! Like you couldn’t give me a chance, I knew that one!’ look. We laugh. Then I get goofy, sing along, and jam at the red lights. Sure, most times he slinks down in his seat, but if his sister is in the car, we got a duet going on. Especially if it’s Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony”. For some reason my daughter thinks he’s singing ‘naked mall rat, naked mall rat’, instead of “Mony Mony”. Then my son will sing along and jam. OMG! Billy Idol is playing at the Rialto in Joliet. I need to find out if any radio station is giving away tickets!

So now I have 2 fm transmitters. If the van is ever running again my spouse can use the extra.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

What is 1/2 jumping for joy, 1/2 bummed?

Answer: 1/2 jumping for joy is wearing a suit you bought in 2015 and you are wishing for belt loops, and the jacket that was snug buttoned, can now be pulled out more than 3 inches. I knew I lost weight because the doctor’s office scale shows it every visit. And I can no longer wear my jeans because they require a belt and a lot of bunching to not have them fall down. I found 2 pairs of Old Navy Khakis in my closet around Christmas (I had the kids pulling clothes out for me to check sizes). They both require belts. I need to send the kids on another search mission. I went through a stack of gift cards yesterday and checked the balances on the Old Navy cards. Zero on both. ☹️ (Why did I keep them if they were zero?) I hope there is at least 1 pair a size smaller in the closet. I love me some Women’s boot-cut khakis. 

The scale showing you lost weight is one thing, but actually SEEING the clothes falling off? That’s priceless. It’s been over 3 months on a really low carb diet. Not Keto, because that diet is nuts. I really, really miss pasta. I tried frozen zoodles (Green Giant Zucchini Noodles) and I had to spit it out, it was that awful. I was thinking about getting a Spiralizer, but don’t want to waste an Amazon gift card if I hate it. I decided I’d buy some raw zucchini and use my food processor shredder. Not long noodles, call them zoostaccoli-? (About 1+ inch shreds slightly resembling mostaccoli if you squint really hard). I have to remember next time I shop. 

Answer:  1/2 bumming...attorneys suck donkey. Yup, that pretty much describes them.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

It’s been exhausting...

Long weekend with my daughter. I swear I didn’t think it was going to end. She’s having symptoms, and is on a new medication. It was rough. Really rough.

The rescheduled pre-deposition meeting was today...should have kept the appointment last week. I was at the meeting over 2 hours and came home with a stack of documents 2” high to review and basically commit to memory. Not verbatim, I should know it all, after all I was in the collision. But it’s been over 2 years. I’ve got a migraine, so I’m hiding in the master bedroom with the shades closed. I may just wait until tomorrow when I can be fresh. Nothing going on tomorrow that I need to leave the house, so I can have a relaxed breakfast and get into this page turner. Lol!

My daughter may lose her job tomorrow. She’s been told there will be a meeting. Gastrointestinal issues caused several absences. She has doctor notes, but you just never know. We had several conversations about how the meeting could go so that she is prepared. She was thinking she was getting transferred to the meat department (weighing precut meats and seafood). She worked that during the holidays some days and the meat department manager liked how she did. But she had to call in sick the day of the meeting with the meat manager because her doctor hadn’t released her back to work. Whatever happens, it is what it is. 

UPDATE 01/15/19:  My daughter got through her entire shift with no meeting like was talked about on the phone. A union rep was in, so she did ask about her situation. The rep said not to be concerned, she just may need to explain her reason for the doctor notes.

Because of the gastrointestinal issues my daughter has to have a colonoscopy, endoscopy, 2 biopsies, hemorrhoid banding, and possible Botox injection. So it’s not like what she’s been missing work for a tummy ache. It has to be scheduled before the end of the month. I’m concerned. Not just about these procedures, but about her mental illness.

Her housemate is horrible. Last week my daughter was so exhausted from being sick she basically passed out while her housemate screamed like a banshee all night. Today when she returned to program her housemate greeted her with “Well there you are b**ch.” She wasn’t joking, she’s called my daughter every name in the book. Yes, my sweet daughter! I don’t know what to do anymore. We have had multiple phone calls and meetings with the Director and Assistant Director. The 1 thing that was resolved was that a lock was put on my daughter’s door to make her feel safe. Now the housemate can no longer just walk into her bedroom. There is supposed to be a meeting with my daughter, the housemate, their counselors, and staff. If this causes the issues to escalate then I will be forced to report this abuse to the state. I’ve tried to get it worked out, but there are never any consequences for this housemate. She’s verbally abusive (at all hours of the day and night) she has made threats and shoved my daughter. She’s chased my daughter out of the house and punched staff who came to my daughter’s aid. Just because this woman has exhausted all of her options with regard to a place to live doesn’t mean she should be allowed to get away with this stuff. There was a 3rd housemate upstairs with them who used to be the violent one’s victim. That poor girl was terrorized and finally had to leave and move back home even though that was not a good situation.

UPDATE 01/15/19:  Meeting at program set for tomorrow to talk out issues with violent housemate.

I’ve been deposed before (previous job), but this still has me on edge. I was told the young adult who hit me is being deposed right after me and that I could attend, but wasn’t allowed to speak. While I know I could definitely intimidate her just by being there, I don’t see the point. It may be my “right” to be there, but it doesn’t mean I have to exercise that right.

<sigh> I really need to chill.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fun times...not!

Pre-deposition meeting with my attorney is later today. It’s past 4am and sleep is nowhere in sight.

I wouldn’t say I’m nervous about being deposed. I’ve done it once before. Former employer. Broker allegedly absconded with client lists, realtor compensation schedules, and agents and a lot more to start a new company. Never did hear how it was resolved. 

Deposition is next week. I really hope this shifts gears to settlement quickly. I need my cars fixed and have a lot hanging over my head. It would be nice to finally bring this car accident to a close, at least financially. 

Cancelled to be rescheduled. 

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Monday, January 7, 2019

It’s a good thing...

It’s a good thing I don’t accept what the staff at my daughter’s group home says without thoroughly checking outside sources. 

My daughter returned to her group home last Wednesday. Since that time various staff have told her that her food stamp balance was zero. (All the group home residents have it. Even if they have a part time job, they receive something.) 

Thursday my daughter was very sick and gave her nasty housemate a short list of groceries. Staff and the nasty housemate refused and came home with nothing for my daughter. By Saturday she was still sick and staff were still saying she had zero food stamps. I had to go to the store and spend MY money and buy her what she needed. By evening the Team Lead aka House Manager finally got back to her and told her she didn’t have a food stamp card at all. 

Lies, lies, lies. Today I picked up my daughter and we went to public aid to get the truth. Yes she has a decent monthly benefit put on her card the 1st of EVERYmonth. Which meant that last Wednesday she had food stamps. And what else did we find out? Her card had not been used for 5 months! That’s a lots of food stamps. So that means that they have been lying to her for months saying she had used hers up by mid month.

So I dropped my daughter back at her program and went home. Then I made a call to the Director. I’m sure they are tired of hearing from me. But you know what? Too bad. Someone who knows the system had to help her. The Assistant Director was still in a meeting. (They always are, they do it to stall.) He called me back. I let him talk to see how far down the hole he was digging would go. Turns out pretty far. He claimed her card was inactive. Not true. He claimed they had spent weeks trying to fix the situation. Also not true. It doesn’t take weeks. I know someone who last month got their card activated in 20 minutes. Every time he said something and I replied, I waited, didn’t say anything to see where he was going next. I asked if the card could be misplaced, how could it not have been used when my daughter was being told every month that she had no food stamps for the last 1 or 2 weeks of the month. He got indignant and say no, no, no way could it be lost. Really? Why so indignant? Eventually I reported staff who had lied to my daughter and who refused to allow her to buy food. I also complained that my daughter’s special diet restrictions list was ripped off the kitchen wall and they were buying food she couldn’t eat. There was one really long pause after that one. Apologies, apologies. He will definitely speak with staff. Then he has the nerve to thank me for again doing their job. He actually says “thank you for doing our job”. How about  pay me every time I do their job? How about give me a gift card? A grocery gift card for all the times I had to buy my daughter food because staff was lying to her and wouldn’t let her buy groceries? How about even just a Thank You card in the mail?

So now I’m wrecked for the entire rest of today and tomorrow. I’m on pain pills, lying down and icing. I can’t do sitting for very long, and sitting in bad waiting room chairs is just torture.

I feel bad for other housemates whose families aren’t getting involved at all. When my daughter tells me about them I do point them in the right direction, give them a note about where to call.

Nasty housemate update:  Thursday night she was screaming my daughter’s name and staff all night long. My daughter felt safe because of the lock on her door. She was exhausted from being sick and fell asleep quickly. She was woken up periodically by screaming, but she went back to sleep.

Hoping my daughter feels better today. She missed 3 days of work. Wednesday she goes to her PCP.

•••••UPDATE:  My daughter called me and woke me up (she always does) to tell me that the Team Lead called her and scolded her for having me contact the Director. She proceeded to say my daughter was WRONG, that my daughter DOES NOT HAVE A LINK CARD AND AHE HAS NO FOOD STAMPS. She better slow her roll because she’s flying off the handle with faulty information. Apparently the Director forwarded my email to her asking what’s up with this, and apparently had not informed her that my daughter has a card and a monthly benefit. My daughter corrected her, I do have a Link card, Team Lead says no you don’t, and my daughter says we went to Public and got the FACTS. I fired off an email detailing the conversation and asking if he informed the Team Lead and all staff about her Link card, AND reminding them that even if there is no Link card they cannot refuse to take clients grocery shopping. 

•••••UPDATE #2:  Still no shopping trip today. My daughter went to the doctor and was put on a very limited diet. Crackers, broth, decaf tea, water with lemon, G2 because she is very dehydrated and he wants the reduced sugar Gatorade. There was only 1 can of broth in the house, nothing else. I spoke with the Team Lead who lied, lied, lied. Claimed she never told my daughter she had no Link card, etc. Also claimed my daughter didn’t say she needed these items. Also not true. She claimed she would get what my daughter needed, but would not commit to when my daughter would get the items. Will she have them for lunch, for dinner, or later? I asked several times and she changed the subject every time. I am fed up. I asked for reimbursement for the groceries I bought last week. We’ll see how that goes. I could really use the money.

Happy New Year!
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Friday, December 28, 2018

Cheaters will get theirs! Karma!

My daughter did not win the Ugly Shirt Contest at work. She was not even given a fair shot. There was a “ballot box” for people to enter their votes. My daughter saw a woman, stuffing the ballot box with her own name. My daughter complained to a manager who did nothing. Surprise! The ballot stuffer won first place. All I have to say is:
Karma is a beyotch! 
Some supposed adults lead a great example, don’t they?

I know I made the Ugly Shirt, but my daughter had the guts to wear it. 

I get angry when my daughter is ALWAYS complaining about stuff that goes on at her house and day program. She’s constantly saying “but it’s not fair”.  
Well this is really NOT FAIR! 
It’s not that I necessarily think she should have one first place. I do think she was in the top 3. But when you cheat to win, you’re an a$$hat!

In other news, to our surprise, my daughter did get a lock on her bedroom door at her group home. Truly, they could have saved the money and kicked out the trouble maker, but for some reason she’s like Teflon, nothing sticks. At least my daughter won’t have to worry about the housemate bursting into her room unannounced and without permission when my daughter is in various states of undress. And my daughter won’t have to worry about her housemate bursting into her room at 3am screaming like a banshee. 

At least my daughter will feel safer. 

I do have to laugh though. I have been to her house twice this week. The first time the troublemaker sat across from me at the table (I didn’t recognize her, she gained a lot of weight.) she never said a word to my daughter, but kept whispering to staff who waived her away. 

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Monday, December 24, 2018

‘Twas the night before Christmas

A lot of prepping and cooking to do on Christmas Eve. 
We don’t have a regular meal on Christmas Eve. It’s more like grazing, grabbing a few things and getting back to wrapping, assembling, or Christmas movie watching.

So, what’s on the menu?

T=Tradition N=New

Vegetable tray with Spinach Dip-T/N the dip is new.
Olives, pickles, pickled vegetables-T
Cheese and Sausage Tray-T
Bacon wrapped oysters-N
Mini meatballs in marinara sauce. (Usually did the grape jelly or cranberry sauce, but can’t have all that sugar.)-N
Sfincioni (Pizza Dough, olive oil, tomato paste, thinly sliced red onions, anchovies, Parmesan cheese). It’s a cross between pizza and focaccia. It’s eaten cold, but can be eaten warm. Tradition from my grandmother-T.
JalapeƱo poppers-N
Kidney Bean Salad-N
Prepare ahead a frittata for Christmas morning breakfast. Bake, cool, refrigerate. Everyone helps themselves whenever they get up. Take a slice and warm in the microwave-T

I used to make pizza dough from scratch. In the interest of saving my sanity, I switched to Pillsbury Pizza Dough a few years ago.

I used to make Quiche. But since I’m low carb and my son can’t have gluten, it’s much easier to do a frittata. I could make a low carb GF crust, but it would be a fussy, time consuming endeavor.

The kidney bean salad is hopefully like the salad you get on a relish tray at a supper club. Very hard time finding a recipe. Ended up modifying one. Serving bean salad because beans are low on the glycemic index and help manage blood sugar levels. I try to sneak beans or lentils in whenever I can.

I prepped all the vegetables 12/23, except for the red onion. I have a good head start and there is a lot I can get the kids to help with. Christmas Eve the kids and I will handle everything. Jaime Sommers needs to stay off her feet and elevate. Christmas Day is on my spouse. She will be preparing the roast beast and roasted Brussels sprouts because that’s her thang. We’ll also have leftovers from the night before for 12/25 lunch and dinner apps. 

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