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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let's get political - Get out and vote!

Even if the media is declaring your candidate a winner...


The cynic in me thinks that the media is declaring Obama a winner to sway the vote, making people think they don’t need to get out there and vote, because he’s going to win anyway. We ALL need to get out there and vote.

Paddy Power, a bookie in Dublin, Ireland has already declared Obama the winner for President. They have even begun paying out. The biggest winner: Someone who gambled €100,000 ($135,000) and collected €150,000 ($202,000). Here is the link for the CNN article:

I’ve already voted, last week as a matter of fact. I voted an absentee ballot because I'm an election judge and I don't work at my precinct. Considering the expected turnout, there would be no opportunity for me to leave my post to drive to my precinct to vote.

In many areas early voting is available in local government offices. Please take advantage of this


I encourage everyone to vote early.

(Or as they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often. Lol!)

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