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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More on my Election Day

Each Election Day we have our share of family members who notify us of a move or death of a relative. For deaths we respectfully give our condolences and fill out documents to remove the deceased from the registered voter list. Today we had 2 death notifications and numerous proud parents telling us their children are in Iraq right now, or away at college. We make no changes for the soldiers and collegiates, we just remind the parents about absentee voting for the next election.

But what about the winner in terms of these sometimes official, sometimes unofficial notifications?

That goes to the notification about a family member who was in rehab.

Oh, it's not funny that a family member is in rehab, it's commendable that a person should realize they belong in rehab. It's just the way this family says it. Imagine a bit of a southern drawl, "Ella (pseudonym) won't be votin' t'day. She's in reeeeeehab agin."

In the Primary this couple made the same pronoucement and I about blew an aneurysm to keep from laughing out loud. Today it didn't faze me because I'd heard it before. I just exchanged knowing glances with the Republican Judge seated next to me.

....Maybe I'm a little "punchy" from a long day and not enough sleep, but this really cracked me up.

1 comment:

Angelina said...

Yay yay yay!!!

I have been disappointed with elections for so long I refused to believe in victory until it was certain...but you were right.

I'm very happy today and I hope you're getting some sleep.

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