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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I listen to talk radio too much.

I'm too young for this. 'Old farts' listen to talk radio. I'm not an old fart. I think I've got a long ways to go till I'm an 'old fart'. In my mid 40’s. Ok…turning the corner past my mid 40’s.

(clears throat)

My name is Lola. And I'm addicted to talk radio.

Is there a 12 step program for talk radio addiction?

Last week I was looking to download some music for the kids ipods and I had to go to a radio station's website for play lists to see what the new songs are. I didn’t know All American Rejects has a new song “Gives you hell”. This is a radio station that is my #1 slot on my car stereo. I listened to it all the time...until talk radio hooked me.

It started quite innocently.

I tuned in for the Chicago Cubs games. Even though I can't stand Ron Santo (cough, cry baby). I do enjoy Pat Hughes play by play.

Then it was the election. I HAD to listen to keep up on the election.



I beg of you.

Help me stop.

Yesterday on John Williams show on 720am Wgn a guest referred to Blagojevich as a “sociopath”. Today on his show, they were predicting the possible ramifications to President Elect Obama. Could President Elect Obama be less than truthful about not having contact with Blagojevich regarding candidate #5?

Do we really need to sully President Elect Obama’s reputation? He’s an incoming President with probably the biggest set of economic issues EVER in the history of our country. Do we really need to take his valuable time away from those issues to have him waste his time on this?

Ok, tomorrow I have an appointment, so I’m looking forward to riding in the car and hearing what Kathy and Judy on 720am Wgn have to say about it.

I can’t stop!


Da Old Man said...

I've never heard a Cubs game (being in the NY area) but I've heard outtakes from him, and he is a homer. I would love to hear that every day. I grew up listening to Phil Rizzuto, who was the greatest announcer/fan ever.
Ok, I guess he was pretty terrible which is why he only got to broadcast Yankee games on the home station.
As far as talk radio I understand the appeal of it. It beats the heck out of listening to the same music over and over.
Enjoy it. Would you be upset if I welcomed you to "Old fartdom?"

Natural said...

i LOVE talk radio, never thought i would see the day where i preferred talk radio over music. i listen to my own music, but talk radio is good.
my favorite show is off the air right now, but i hope they come back on soon, they are supposed too. enjoy it. is also interesting.

I am Harriet said...

I agree with everything but, how can you hate Santo? He's a true Cubbie :)
Have a good one

Lola said...

Da Old Man,

Well, I wouldn't be upset with you. What's next after talk radio? Will the excitement of my week now be a trip to Walgreens? I don't know that I'm ready for Old fartdom.

It didn't occur to me that no one outside of Illinois would know who Ron Santo is. Every year we hear so much about how he didn't make the Hall of Fame again. He is the biggest crybaby whiner. Every year we have to listen to him whine about not having been nominated to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Look at his stats! They aren't that spectacular. His batting average was .277, he hit 342 home runs and he batting in 1331 runs. Are these really Hall of Fame worthy stats? Santo needs to shut up already and the media needs to give it a rest.

Lola said...


I never thought I'd see the day either. Every time my kids get in the car with me they groan. They 'thought' I was the cool Mom that listened to their radio station.

I am Harriet,

Ron Santo may live and breath cubbies blue, but his stats don't warrant induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. And, it's embarrassing to listen to him whine about it. Whining isn't going to him inducted.

Goddess said...

Relax, I'm in my mid-30s and I love talk radio. It's not a sign of age. It's wisdom. :)

Carole said...

Yeah, me too - I'm 38 and I can tell you the entire day's lineup on WABC news/talk in NYC. :-P

liza said...

hi lola! i'm sorry this off topic, i have a little something for you here, please grab it when you have the time.

see yah :D

Lola said...


Thank you so much! I will be posting the award Thursday.

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