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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

My main thought this Tuesday is...exhaustion. I am soooo tired of constantly running around. Monday was Freshman Orientation for our son. After that was a doctor's appointment for him for his sports physical. Then Anastasia horned in on the action and called my crazy doc and got an appointment right after our son. (Hmm, I wonder if I get anything for 2 referrals? I had a dentist who gave me a gift for every referral. Nah, I'm sure I'll get nothing.) Anastasia has been suffering from some nasty, awful, heartburn...several days of nausea and one day of...well...let's just say stomach-flu-like symptoms. I feel bad for her, really I do. But umm, she's kind of like a man when it comes to being sick...if you know what a mean. She is not a patient, patient and does not listen when I offer helpful suggestions. Suggestions like, jello is much better after, err, ahh, a stomach-flu-like episode, than say...chocolate pudding. Also, toast is good...but not macaroni and cheese. Oh no, I'm wrong! She's right! Guess who had another stomach-flu-like episode after those stellar gastronomic choices? Yup! Did I say 'told you so'? Hell no! So what does Anastasia have? Very likely a severe attack of diverticulitis.

After the doctor appointments I was of to Targhay with our son to get her rx's (because I'm all nice that way) and we checked out the clearance racks while we waited. Our son picked out an amazing outfit for his school picture. Ever the dapper dan, he picked out a vest he'd been eying (now on clearance) a white shirt (on clearance) and a skinny tie (full price...ouch!) and...a hat (clearance). If you've got teenagers, I'd call the 'look', 'The Jona's Brother's on Tour'. If you're say, over 50, I'd call it the 'Ed Norton' (not the actor...the character from The Honeymooners, as played by Art Carney). He is so easy to take shopping! I also got him 2 pairs of khaki's for less than 1/4 of what 1 pair cost regular price. Needless to say we got home and jealousy reared it's ugly head. I had to run our daughter out to Kmart to get a shirt. Why do all the plus size women's clothing look like maternity tops or peasant tops? (You know, all gathered around the girls and making them look even more enormous than they are?) We spent over 2 hours arguing, 'well try it anyway'. 'Nooooo'. 'Just try it.' 'Noooo'. Arghhhhhhhh! If back to school shopping is going to be like this I'm waiving the white flag now! No way am I taking her. I'll take him! Anastasia can do the girly shop with her! I'm warning you right now. If I have to take her, I'm taking her to the Men's department and getting her all graphic tee-shirts. (Oh yes! I typed it! Now I know Anastasia will definitely take her, because she won't go for that.)

Today is the last day of golf junior league (hoping the weather cooperates) and high school registration and then our daughter's regular Tuesday night appointment. It's going to be a loooong day.

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News Blog said...

Nice Post

Diane said...

i don't even want to think about shopping for school clothes!!!!

trinity is ... very round! lol and it's impossible to find clothes to fit her!

zoe, on the other hand, has taste i can't afford and that's always a fun argument. esp in the store. :(

i love how you describe the look of your son's new outfit. i love the vintage-inspired look!!

hope anastasia feels better soon. i have chrones disease, so i very much understand those types of symptoms! it sucks! you're right, you gotta watch what you eat when you're whole digestive system is freaking out! but at least she has an appetite.

JD at I Do Things said...

You're my hero forever for making a connection between the fashion sense of the Jonas Brothers and Ed Norton. Hi-larious.

Stephany said...

My kids always had new outfits for school in the fall, and always wore something they already owned the first day. I remember staggering out the shopping over a period of time after that. My mom still says I was picky as a teen and drove her crazy shopping for clothes. All I can say about it now is clothes are SO expensive, I can't buy any!

Kelley said...

I dread school clothes shopping. In some ways, it's easy because my son just wants Star Wars t-shirts and shorts. But, that's all he wants, so trying to get him in ot something 'nice' for pictures is a chore. Jeans are a nightmare because his legs are kind of short right now, so the hems drag and then get all shredded. Ugh. I should homeschool and just let him wear his pj's all day!

Order Meds said...

oh my god. You're too funny. my daughter adores shopping for school clothes - she even have lists with pictures on them of items she just have to get. i do a trade with her like if she cleans up her room for a week, she gets these sandals. i have a live walking doll.

Auntie E said...

Thought I'd let you know the other night I was in my kitchen drinking coffee and on your jukebox. Hubby comes in and say "what are you doing?" I told him I'm it Lola's Diner on the Jukebox leave me alone. I just loved the Three Dog Night:-)

Lin said...

I'm sooo with you on this one, pally. Back-to-school running around is driving me nuts. Everyone wants my time and money it seems. Ugh. Don't mind buying clothes for the son (even if he battles trying the things on)--he is so much easier and cheaper to please. Em is easy to fit, but wants EVERYTHING in the store--on MY dollar. But I went through the bigger clothes when I was little--that sucks. I feel her pain.

Hope Anastasia is feeling better. That sounds nasty and it doesn't sound like she's helping herself get better.

Hang in there, Lola! You've got company in this hell.

The Mommy Chef said...

Sounds like a rough day! hope you get some much needed rest and relief!

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