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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Looks like this weekend we will be attending the reunion and hanging out relaxing at the hotel. Not that it's a bad thing, but I had wanted to visit my Aunt J in Milwaukee. In fact, my Aunt L in Texas had encouraged me numerous times in facebook chats to call my Aunt J in Milwaukee to make plans. So I called and what a coincidence, it turns out that my Aunt L and Aunt A from Texas are visiting my Aunt J in Milwaukee this weekend but they have no time for us to visit with them.

Why did Aunt L repeatedly tell me to make plans if they weren't going to be available? Anastasia thinks it's because Aunt L is a gay hater. I didn't think Aunt J was, but the way she so matter of factly said they were busy, I don't know. I am rarely in Milwaukee and they can't make time? And my Aunt L and Aunt A are in town and they can't make time? Seriously? Why did I bother trying to keep in touch with these relatives?

Hello! The family visiting Aunt J are also my Aunts, so it's not like she has people who are strangers to me visiting. But then again, they're all strangers if they can't find time for a niece they only see at funerals.

If you haven't seen family in like 10 years (other than 1 funeral in those 10 years), wouldn't you make an effort to find a way to fit in seeing them? But then again, maybe it's just me, but I certainly would. I mean, my Mom always taught me family is family, even if they are some you don't necessarily care for, you be a polite hostess. I thought my Aunt J was incredibly rude. I just don't get it. Wouldn't you make time for family?

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Auntie E said...

Oh yeah, I know how that can be...My brother never wants to see me...He never can stop by even when he is in the neighborhood. go figure. I have really written he off. I will no longer go out of my way to see him. not after last Saturday's fiasco... that is so sad to have family members like that.
Of course I'm the kind that would just drop in just because I was in town,lol.

Kirsten said...

It sounds like Aunt J is not worth reconnecting with. Best to just remain facebook friends, if that!
I've learned that just because someone is related to you is not a good reason to have to have a relationship with them.

Thanks for participating in my contest!

StaceyC4 said...

Family keeps things interesting, right? We get the same issues but because we're Christians. Apparently we make people uncomfortable - and let me tell you, I NEVER speak the bible with my family. It's just that we don't drink, cheat on each other and look for ways to make others feel bad about themselves that make us less fun to be around. It's a sucky feeling, though, to be deliberately left out.

john said...

the heck with 'em. Your family are the people who are always there for you, no matter what. Some members of your family might not even be 'blood related' but they are more family then some blood relatives. You cant please everyone and try to figure out the 'why's' on how people do things. It will only make you crazy.

I say, "oh well, maybe next time" and then drop it. If she contacts you on facebook, so be it, but I wouldnt go out of your way to try to contact her again. Your not sure if its the 'gay' issue, but I know I automatically go there too. If it is the 'gay' issue, then she will only be supportive only to you on her terms. I personally wouldn't call call that family. Blood doesn't always make a family.

Im sorry you have to deal with this, it really stinks.

if it helps any, Im with you, you make the time to see people, weather it be friends or family, that you havent seen in a long time that are going to be in the area. Life is too short to be too busy to see loved ones.

melissan said...

People suck. I have an aunt that has nothing to do with me anymore after a LONG story that involves the death of her mother and her refusing to return from vacation, leaving me to be there at the hospital without her...Family is one thing, but friends really can be the family you choose. As I get older, I know for sure that certain friends are there for me far more readily than some "family" that are supposed to be there no matter what. They're not treating you right...

Staci at Just Bloggled said...

If it makes you feel any better, the remaining members of my family only call me if they want something. My sister and grandmother only call me when they want to complain about something the other did. My nephew only calls when he wants me to buy him a game or tell him how to fix his computer. My dad only calls when he wants to tell me it's raining (like I can't look out the window). Don't you just love dysfunction?

Sorry about your aunts. Maybe they'll make time before you're gone. Hope the reunion goes well for you.

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