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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I just have not been feeling well. Colitis is kicking my butt. Anastasia caught that weird bug again at the nursing home and is nauseous all the time. Thank goodness she still had some of the anti-nausea medication from her last hospitalization. She stayed home the last 2 nights with the dry heaves. Good times. I don't know if I'm having a weird colitis attack only, or whether she gave me the bug also because I'm nauseous too. Every time I go to eat a meal I have to stop because I'm nauseous and then have to go to the bathroom. Last night I had 3 small square slices of pizza for dinner. That was it and then I got nauseous. Great diet plan.

At bedtime last night Anastasia told me that Sunday night I was laughing in my sleep. Laughing like I was watching a sitcom or Ellen or Craig Fergusen's show. I haven't a clue what I was dreaming, although I guess it's better than screaming in my sleep...right?

No school today for our son because of Parent Teacher Conferences today. I skipped them because I wasn't feeling well and our son's IEP meeting is coming up anyway. I'll get to meet all of his teacher then, and our son will be required to attend. For some reason this morning he was refusing to go with me to his conference. Arghhh! I finally gave up after I checked his grades online and saw he brought them up and figured I'd have more time at the IEP meeting to talk to his teachers anyway, since there were alloting only 10 minutes per teacher. The aggravation though, it's driving me nuts. Whenever he spends the weekend at his dad's he comes home with attitude. Grrrr!

No school tomorrow for both kids. Hellllppp! I swear I'm going to kill Eddie Haskell. The damn kid cannot seem to understand that my cell phone number is mine and he should be calling our son's cell phone number. This morning he kept calling and calling my phone. He's been told numerous times what number he should be calling. Grrrr!

Today after dropping our son and Eddie Haskell at the movies I went to Targay to pick up prescriptions and toilet paper. When I picked up the toilet paper to put it on the check out counter something pulled from my lower back all the way down to the heel of my left foot. I was lifting frickin' toilet paper for cryin' out loud! WTH?

Our daughter is now trying out for the Girl's Bowling Team at her home school. I have yet to be told what the financial outlay is going to be. I do know that she must have her own 'equipment', so that means shoes ball and bag, but our daughter also tells me there is a jacket and uniform to be bought. WTH? It's a bowling team. What do they need a jacket for? Are they bowling outside? And a uniform? Whatever happened to team t-shirts?

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Lin said...

I was wondering where you were! I hope you are feeling better. My kids are home tomorrow too--I'm going to work to escape them and the quartet that is practicing in the family room.

Good luck with the bowling team--at least you can use a bowling ball your whole life!

Diane said...

ugh i am totally feeling you on the sick thing right now. :( hope you guys feel better soon!

trinity laughs in her sleep. when i'm lucky enough to catch it, it's a really "LOVE" moment for me lol.

i think you should do your best to go ALL OUT for the bowling stuff if you can. me and trinity's dad have been spending a ton on her dance class, but wow has her self image really improved. MAYBE she could help earn it by doing her stuff around the house/personal care stuff...? just a thought.

Auntie E said...

Oh the Eddie Haskell's of life.... We have a couple of those...
Toilet paper can be hazardous to your life, A new warning to be posted,LOL.
Bowling oh yeah loved that sport..You can go to the PTA for help for the uniform. Now will she continue with the team..That is the question. If only you can rent a bowl and bag...humm

JD at I Do Things said...

I hope you and Anastasia can kick your ailments once and for all. Being sick is really no way to lose weight. At least it never seems to be the case at the time.

My husband laughs in his sleep every now and then. It's most unnerving. It's such a genuine, realistic laugh, I can't believe he's asleep!

StaceyC4 said...

Hey, glad that you are back but sorry that you're not feeling well. I hope that you feel better soon. And the bowling team?? Although, I have to admit, I took bowling as my PE class in college. It is fun. I can't believe that they would make the kids have their own stuff. I mean, it's at a BOWLING alley that RENTS this stuff. Crazy. But yeah that she's actually wanting to get involved in something!

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