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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey! Ask Me A Question! Please?

Now taking questions.

Please leave your questions in the Comments.

Questions will be answered on Monday. Keep the questions coming.

Thank you!

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StaceyC4 said...

I've missed this! Okay, I have a few in different categories:

1. entertainment: Do you think that Joe Jackson has a right to demand money from Michael's estate after he was left out of the will?

2. politics: What do you think of this new John Edwards book? Do you think they should have waited until after Elizabeth Edwards passed away to release it?

3. sports: Any thoughts on the Super Bowl?

Sarah Lynne said...

I am a Friday Follow!!!!

mavericks_mommy said...

friday follow

~Shelley~ said...

Great blog!

Hi there! New follower from "Friday Follow"! I'd love for you to come visit me!

Have a great weekend :)

Charlene said...

Friday Following you :)

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