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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I realize I just posted about the The Blind Side and got all warm and fuzzy about how someone in this day and age can be so trusting and have it be a life changer (in a positive way) for another person. On Monday night's news was the other side of the coin. Online Casonova Bilks Woman of Thousands - CBS2 Chicago. Granted, it's a bit different. In The Blind Side a woman and her family take in an unknown into their home. In this news story a woman corresponded with a Commander Smith via the internet via and was conned into wiring thousands of dollars several times. Commander Smith had various reasons, claiming his daughter in London wanted to travel and he couldn't access his funds being out in Afganistan, and then another time needed money to start up a business. In total the woman wired $18,000. How does someone become that trusting of someone they never met? Ok, I realize I should be one to talk, considering I met my wonderful Anastasia via an online dating site. I'm just do you know when to take a chance? Intuition?

Our daughter had her bowling match Monday. I had to get up at the crack of dawn and drive her to her home school to catch the bus that was leaving at 6:45am. Yes! 6:45am! I came home and had coffee after and I still fell asleep watching television this morning. Coffee can't even keep me awake. WTH?

I'm so over this Leno/Conan thing. Can they make a deal already and be done with it? Who cares about the faux protests? People are dying in Haiti! Who the frick cares who hosts The Tonight Show or whatever the hell they want to call what comes on after the news on NBC?

Please tell me there is going to be something on tv on Friday other than the Haiti telethon. Please! I realize they need to raise money, but gosh darn it I can't stand George Clooney and I really cannot enjoy a show that is going to be ass-kissing Clooney all night. Yes, he's a do-gooder and all, but I still can't stand him no matter how much good he does.

I think I've got the winter blues. (And I may be a little bit bitter too. Do ya think?) I just feel all down in the dumps. Maybe it hasn't helped that my back has been bothering me more than usual and I've had to resort to those nasty pain pills that give me weird dreams. Maybe it's coming off the Bulls game on Friday. You know, the anticipation, all looking forward to it, then it's really fun and then the let down that there is nothing to look forward to for awhile. That or maybe I'm really bumming because our son ate the last of the orange front of me...and wouldn't share. Yes I asked! I suppose there is the Superbowl to look forward to. When is it again?

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Lin said...

What?! You don't care about George Clooney or the whole Leno/Conan thing? Sheesh, you got some bad attitude, Lola. (kidding, just kidding) Amazing what folks make us think is important.

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