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Monday, February 1, 2010

Ask Lola A Question - The Answers...

I was hoping for more questions from more participants, but this time we had only 1 participant.
From Stacey at All Stace, All The Time:

1. entertainment: Do you think that Joe Jackson has a right to demand money from Michael's estate after he was left out of the will? He certainly has a right to, everyone pretty much has a right to contest a will if they have the legal know how or the means to hire an attorney. Do I think he should get any? No. How will a judge rule on it? I tend to think a judge would rule against him, just because it's common knowledge how Micheal felt about his father. But you never know, I don't know on what grounds Joe Jackson is demanding money.

2. politics: What do you think of this new John Edwards book? Do you think they should have waited until after Elizabeth Edwards passed away to release it? I think the book is authored by Andrew Young, John Edwards' campaign volunteer and I think later staff member. I think Young obviously did the book for the money and obviously has an agenda. What he ultimately intends to accomplish with the book (other than the money) is something else. I really dislike these tell-all books written by supposed 'people in the know' whose sole intent is to tarnish the image of the subject. Elizabeth Edwards certainly doesn't need to hear about these things. She's fighting for her life right now. She doesn't need to be spending the rest of her limited time on earth bitter and angry. As for the alleged sex tape that exists, for hosts of entertainment programs to make references to the size of his appendage...that's completely inappropriate, and something I'm sure Elizabeth is already familiar with.

3. sports: Any thoughts on the Super Bowl? I think I'm rooting for the underdog. I'm hoping the New Orleans Saint's win their first Super Bowl. The Colts have been in the Super Bowl 4 times, winning twice. I usually pick a team to root for, but I'm usually more interested in the commercials...that is, unless my Chicago Bears are playing. This year I'm going with the New Orleans Saints. The Superbowl menu is yet to be determined. We will definitely have meatballs (with chili sauce and either grape jelly or cranberry sauce), cocktail weiners in bbq sauce, veggie and cheese tray, dip (reduced fat cream cheese, green onion, buddig lunchmeat). I was thinking chili, but now I'm thinking maybe something different...anyone got any ideas for the main dish?

We have a late entry from Harriet at I am Harriet:
Will the Cubs win the World Series this year? Are you serious? No. Due to the tomfoolery in October 2008...having a priest bless the dugout in an attempt to remove the Curse of the Billy Goat, the Cubs are doomed to another losing season. They need to rid themselves of Zambrano and make some smart trades for some decent pitching staff.

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I am Harriet said...

I have a question.
Will the Cubs win the World Series this year.

Oh, btw...I've extended the blog makeover until midnight tonight......

Lin said...

Oh, I don't have any questions for you! Darn. Okay,here's one--- what celebrity do you think is just dreamy??

Lola said...

@ Harriet - Oh Harriet, come on's the Cubbies we're talking about!

@ Lin - I can't really think of any celebrity that I think is "dreamy". I'm just not really into celebrities.

cookinglady said...

Well I have to say I just love your blog and will be following you on twitter.

I am now following you and hope you can follow me too.

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