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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

The weather here has been perfection. I love when the temperature is cooler. It's the perfect time to start little projects around the yard. My first project is getting the lawn mower going. Since I failed to remove the riding mower battery, it was dead when I attempted to start it today. I had to run out and get a new battery charger, and I've got it charging now. I'm crossing my fingers that it will start once it's charged. The lawn is out of control. My neighbor did mow the side yard for me. They usually just mow the ditch by my side yard, but I guess they must have been happy to be out mowing the other day and went ahead and mowed the whole thing. Thanks!

UPDATE: The riding mower did start after charging it. I got the front done. The back was really high. It died after doing the perimeter and wouldn't start. I put it back on charge, went out an hour later, started it and finished. Woo hoo!

Thoughts are turning to gardening. Check out my post at Lola's Victory Garden.

Thoughts are also turning to golf and picnics and bbq's. My first bbq of the year is Saturday. I hope the weather cooperates.

I've also been doing my share of Spring cleaning. Arghh! But it does feel good.

I actually am enjoying having the front door open and windows open today. Drummerboy/aka Metallica-head is all quiet today. (I hope I haven't jinxed myself.) It's so nice to hear the woodpeckers and birds, instead of his repetitive drumming of the same bad drum riff, or his blasting of 70's music. It's not that I don't like 70's music, I love it, but I prefer to enjoy it on my own terms, when I choose to listen to it, rather than having to be forced to listen to his music.

So, what are you doing to enjoy this wonderful weather?

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Anonymous said...

I've pulled down the drapes and washing them, got a new mini vac today and having a blast with cob webs. Planted some rose bushes last week. I'm loving this weather. Warm weather puts you in a better state of mind doesn't it?

lee said...

me and the man dug out the garden plots this year. we added a trellis at one end for beans and peas to climb. we aren't planting anything else until the week-end, so we will be working on the soil until then. i'm going to have an herb garden too! my tomato plant i bought at the amish farm is kicking ass! i've got 12 blossoms already! my garden makes me happy!

the inside of the house? not so much...

Jen said...

It's beautiful here too. As soon as the daughter gets home from school I'm going for a walk. I did spring cleaning over the weekend and can once again see out my windows. My lawn mower started on the first pull. It's held together with beer cans and duct tape but it always starts on the first pull.

Lin said...

Glad you had a day free from Drummer Boy. Were the kitties itching to get outside with you???

Lola said...

@ Angela - I actually prefer the cooler weather, like it's been lately. That's what really gets me wanting to do things around the house.

@ Lee - Awesome that you're getting started on your veggie garden. Can't plant here until after Mother's Day.

@ Jen - I think I screwed up on trying to start the mower. I didn't have the choke setting all the way up. After I charged the battery and set the choke properly it started. It wanted to start the first time, but I ran the battery down further by not doing it right. Grrr.

Lin - I actually spoke too soon about Drummer Boy. As soon as I was ready to start mowing, he started playing music. But I always use my ipod when I mow, so I didn't hear a thing! lol!

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