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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camping Virgin

Yes, it's true...I'm a camping virgin. I'm in my late 40's (did I actually type that?) and I have never camped. My girlfriend is a veteran camper with a pop-up trailer. This weekend we are set to de-winterize the camper. She has notes from her ex on how to do it, but has never actually done it herself. I hope my visions of a new "I Love Lucy" episode don't come true. (Can't you see Lucy and Ethel trying do to this and the hilarity that could ensue?) Yes, I've helped winterize and de-winterize a 3 bedroom trailer home I used to own with my ex, but that was more of a supervisory role than actually doing any of the work.
I've never so much as camped out in a tent in the backyard. Haven't most people at least camped out in their backyard as a kid? Not me.

Our first camping trip is set to be at a primitive camping site. By primitive, I mean, no electric hook-up, nothing. There is a battery for powering the "essentials", like the microwave, and possibly re-charging a cell phone. But not for air-conditioning, television, or computer. No computer? What am I saying? What am I getting myself into?

Wondering if there are any camping books out there now or about to publish that I could review? Hmm, that would certainly be a coup if I could get one of those before my inaugural camping trip! Perhaps a book about how to de-winterize a Jayco Pop-up Camping Trailer, or perhaps a book for "camping virgins"?

When I looked up "Camping Virgin" on Barnes And, the books listed were...ahh, not helpful. This is what came up: Bowanga Bowanga / Wild Women of Wongo / Virgin Sacrifice (scarrrrry!), Jungle Girls Gone Wild Collection and last but certainly not least Virgins From Hell. Ok, perhaps I should shorten my search to "camping"? Ok, that's not very encouraging...that search yielded Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping and Curious George Goes Camping. Ok, not good. Then "camping how to" turned up a bunch of fitness books on boot camp training with some real hotties on the cover. Again, not what I'm looking for. So I tried and tried "camping how to" and a bunch of survival books came up, along with the very discouraging How to Die in the Outdoors: From Bad Bears to Toxic Toads, 110 Grisly Ways to Croak. Now that's something I certainly didn't want to see.

Ok, I can't believe there aren't any books out there dealing with how to winterize/de-winterize, set-up and maintenance of a camping trailer, or books for camping virgins. Perhaps these are niches that need some attention?
So, do you camp? What do you do to combat the boredom? Do you get bored? Or do you just enjoy being out in nature and enjoy the beautiful starry nights? A camping virgin wants to know.

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Lin said...

The secret to camping is to really just let go. Forget being clean or comfortable--you have to lower your standards a LOT. You have to learn to ignore the blue jays that insist on singing above your tent at 5:00 a.m. and the wacky camping neighbors who insist on bringing a boom box with them to kill your quiet. Ignore that there is sand in your bed and that you have to walk 3 blocks to the middle of the night. Ignore that you smell like a campfire...ALL weekend and that you will not be clean one iota of a minute all weekend.

Embrace nature and the solitude. Embrace relaxation and the lack of TVs, computers, wifi, or cell phones. Turn it off--the phones, your mind, the world and enjoy.

I love camping. :)

But I still wear make-up no matter what!

Jen said...

I have camped many times. Usually in a tent but often in those little camping cabins. As far as the pop up trailer and de winterizing goes I would suggest opening it up and airing it out. If you see or smell any mold clean it with bleach. A little Fabreeze goes a long way. Don't pack too much, it won't be used but do bring warm socks.

Melinda said...

we've camped and the kids really like it. In a trailer is so easy too! My in-laws have a sweet 38 foot camper that we use every year, it's luxury camping

JD at I Do Things said...

I've only been camping once, when I was 13, and I loved it.

Since then, I grew up to be rather . . . picky. I also saw The Blair Witch Project. Don't see The Blair Witch Project. That's the best advice I can give you.

Have fun!

MomZombie said...

Here via Tribal Blogs. I am a camping slut, to go along with the analogy. I've been doing it all my life, the primitive way: tent, backpack, no hookups, etc. on private land or in national forests. You do not get bored. There is too much to do. I love spending a few days following the rhythm of nature.

Marie said...

Camping: eeew, eeew, eeew, eeew! And one more eeew for good measure.

Not to discourage you or anything.

My idea of roughing it is being in a Westin Heavenly Bed with a spa downstairs. And my massage scheduled for 6 p.m.

Come back with good stories. :)

StaceyC4 said...

Camping is SO not my thing! My husband will only go tent-camping and if I am going to go, I want a cabin with plumbing and electricity!

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