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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ok, so it's not Tuesday, but I haven't done Random Thoughts in awhile, so here ya go.

Sunday and Monday were hotter than heck. No A/C at our house. Central Air got zapped back during the tornado of '07. Didn't get any window units installed until Monday evening. Kids were staking out their sleeping spots in the living room right after it got installed. Lol!

Monday I spent the day in the car...running. First, I'm in the shower getting ready for my 2 doctor appointments of the day and my phone rings. It's my son. He missed the bus. (This happens quite often when he has delayed starts at school.) So I had to rush to get dressed and pick him up at the bus stop, run back home for forms I forgot, then run to the first doctor. (Who of course was running late.) Then run to the gyne's office, which I had trouble finding. Found it, got violated 9 ways to Sunday (don't you hate the gyne office? And to top it off, it was a doctor new to me...who was a male. Arghh!) I got real comfortable going to my previous gyne, since I was having "female trouble" and was there 2-3 times a month for what seemed like forever. This was different. And it was funny because since the tech hit the "Do you have any children" question before they hit the "orientation" question, they automatically assume hetero. Then as I'm discussing an issue, I dropped a pronoun and suddenly the tech is scrolling back to change the "orientation" question. Yes, I noticed. Anyway, since I was 15 minutes away from my girlfriend's house, I stopped by for a short visit. Then it was off to shopping to get something to nuke for dinner.

So my first doctor's appointment was practically triumphant! I got to find out exactly how much weight I've lost since February (since the break-up). I knew I lost weight because I've been having to buy new clothes, but I didn't know exactly how much. Wanna know? I know you wanna know! I lost 45 pounds since February! Woo hoo!'re not even going to recognize me when we meet up next month!

Lindsay Lohan...seriously...does anyone really believe your passport was stolen? Does anyone believe the white powder in the photos taken while you were abroad 'promoting a film' was not cocaine? Seriously? How are you going to manage with the alcohol monitor the judge mandated? Do you seriously think you can fool that thing?

The final episode of "Lost"...I never watched a single episode and I'm doing a happy dance that I didn't waste hours of my life watching them. I caught the last 1/2 hour and can I say how robbed I felt just watching that?

The final episode of "The Apprentice". How cool that both Holly and Brett got the full prize money for winning? And how cool that Brett won? I had been rooting for Sharon Osbourne until she left, then I switched to Brett's camp. Awesome!

So, what did you think of "Lost" and "The Apprentice" final episodes?

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Anonymous said...

The heat has finally hit New England but then we are due for a cool down after today so I didn't put the air conditioners in yet. Did it last year and then we kept having rainy cool days and never used the air again. my Lost thoughts are on my blog as I was one of those suckers who stuck it out LOL. Didn't watch the apprentice but glad that Bret won due to all he is going thru. He deserves a victory.

cardiogirl said...

Get. Outta here! You lost 45 lbs. and you didn't obsessively step on the scale at home?!

Congratulations! What a great thing to learn at the doctor's office -- especially after you've been manhandled. It sort of makes up for that.

I am Harriet said...

We had an apartment years ago in Evanston. It was so close to the lake that we didn't really need a/c- common for the area. I remember when we had a stretch of heat hubby and I sat in his car and cranked the air. It's been really bad in Ill this week.

45 pounds!? Whoaaaa!!!!
Good for you!
You watch the Biggest Loser?
A Chicago-area guy just won.

Megryansmom said...

45 lbs! That's awesome. Congrats.
I'm not an Apprentice watcher but LOST, well that's 6 years I'll never get back!

Lin said...

Holy Crap! 45 Pounds????! WOW! Good for you, pally! I can't wait to see you. BTW--that is gonna be a HOOT going to meet up with CardioGirl. :)

StaceyC4 said...

I am so jealous of your 45 pounds! That's twice as much as me! you rock!

I didn't watch Lost at all but did watch the Apprentice finale and cheered like I was actually at a Poison contest. Gotta love Brett!

Sheila Sultani said...

OMG 45 lbs?! That's awesome. I'm going to break up with someone.

injaynesworld said...

I didn't watch either show, but I did watch the American Idol finale and Crystal Bowersox was robbed big time.

Congrats on the weight loss!

john said...

45 go girl! As for 'lost', well, never really saw it. I watched it the first season because I thought that guy was but then that gets old pretty quick. Didnt even watch the finale.

As for apprentice, watched that, and I was actually rooting for I just adore that crazy lady. I also love sharon.

I was rooting for holly, due to the whole autism thing, but I liked brett better.

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