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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hallelujah! Summer school started yesterday! Woo hoo! Now I only get "I'm bored, there's nothing to do/can we do this (that costs $$$)/can we do that (that costs $$)?" from 1 kid, instead of 2.

Irish and Maddux have an automatic feeder filled to the top with cat food, so why are they both continually trying to attack and open the brand new bag of cat food that I bought today? How do they know it's a bag of cat food? It's not open. How do they know? Can they read "IAMS" on the bag? Do they recognize the bright orange bag? Do they see the picture of the cat on the bag?

I threw out my back bad but saved a kitty - I was at my girlfriend's last night. Kids were playing with bubbles in full view of the resident cat. It was driving him freakin' crazy! He HAD to have him some of those bubbles and every time the patio door opened, he was there. It opened one time too many and he made a break for it. One of the kids grabbed him by the tail, I swooped in, grabbed a hunk of tail and grabbed for the cat's head and collar, picked him up and shut the door. Something in my back didn't like that smooth move. I've always had indoor cats, it's near a door open to the outside, I gotta grab it! Then to top it off, moments later my son gave me a hug around my waist (why he forgot touching anywhere near that area's not allowed, I have no idea, but he did a full strength squeeze hug). I'm willing to bet that Lin heard my scream all the way up in Weirdville.

Anonymous: You are a Dumbass! - Since I removed word verification someone has been anonymously posting quotes that make absolutely no sense. Go play in traffic.

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VetTech said...

My cats do that too!!! It doesn't matter that their dish is full, that the container in the cupboard is still half full (half empty?)...nope doesn't matter because at least 2 of the 4 furkids will tear the new bag open with their teeth within moments of getting it into the house. Hope your back is better soon! :-)

lifeshighway said...

My cats like their food "freshen". They don't like the food tasting all old after a couple of hours. So I have to top it off and then mix it. They would tear open a new bag, but those go immediately in the closet.

Good save, sorry about your back.

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