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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sometimes Surprises are Good...

Last Thursday my son surprised me, waking me up from a pre-dinner nap after having spent too much time in the sun.  Why did I not kill him?  Because he found the photo albums from my childhood that have been missing for literally 14 years!

OMG!  I hugged him so hard and it was all I could do to keep from crying.  The albums were lost during the move to my first house in Chicago.  As a result I had no photos from my childhood and literally only 6 photos of my parents that were in 2 photo collages.

It was so good to see those photos again, I can't even tell you!  I had a blast sharing the photos with my girlfriend on Friday night.  After we looked at mine, she dug hers out.  Talk about an entertaining evening!

I need to get busy scanning.

Both of us are armed and ready for the next Dork Off at Duck And Wheel With String Lin, when's it gonna be?

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I am Harriet said... I'm really excited!

Don't you just love finding stuff?

What about that almost no hitter???

Lin said...

Hmmmm....we may have to have a summer Dork Off where you can regain your crown! I can't wait to see these photos!!

StaceyC4 said...

My mom and I lived with my grandmother during my junior and senior year of high school and had all of our photos in her basement. When my mom moved out (to move in with her boyfriend) my grandmother got pissed and threw out a bunch of our stuff - including the pictures! There is a large chunk of my childhood gone. I obsessively scrapbook my children's pictures now so that they will always have them.

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