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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

We didn't get Lebron. Oh well. The Bulls would have needed to do more team building anyway. Having 1 star wouldn't have gotten us a championship any way.

They caught that fugitive teen in the Bahamas. What a wiley one! It didn't seem like he was ever going to get caught.

Drew's Law backfired on prosecutors. That sux. Will Peterson ever go to trial?

Will the cap work for the oil spill? Doubt it.

My cats are quite talented. I left the A/C on when I left the house the other day. When I came home there was no familiar drone of the A/C. I freaked! I thought the power had gone out. When I got in the house, the light I left on was still on. Puzzled, I checked the window A/C. It was off. Either Maddux or Irish had pushed the button on the power strip that the A/C was plugged into and turned it off. I turned it back on and wah lah! The A/C was back on. Goofy cats!

Hey looky there over at my Followers! I've almost reached 300! Who will be my 300th follower? Now's your chance, if you haven't already, become a Follower!

In other blog news, I'm almost half way to a pay out on Google Adsense. It's taking forever! I've been doing Google Adsense since shortly after starting this blog. WTH? I would have thought I would have reached the $100 threshold long ago.

My birthday is coming up. July 24th. I have no idea what is planned, but I know the kids will be with their dad. I'm sure no matter what it is, we will have fun.

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Lin said...

Wow, you have lots of thoughts today!

I don't care about Lebron. He's gonna be on the news soon enough, and I have the feeling it's not gonna be about good stuff.

Maybe the cats had enough of the cool air???

Hey, Joe's b-day is the 25th! You are almost birthday twins!

Patricia Rockwell said...

You are a very eclectic thinker. How did you ever figure out how to make AdSense work? My 8 cents profit hasn't changed in months.

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