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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I had a great birthday weekend. It was absolutely awesome!

Summer school is coming to a close this week and with that comes several weeks of trying to come up with some bit of a routine for my daughter.

Arghh! Speaking of school...I skipped the pre-registration proof of residency days at the high school, so now that means the lines will be doubly long at registration. I just couldn't help it because there have been so many appointments of late and my back has been screaming, that I just couldn't deal with an extra trip to the school.

Double arghh! I have no idea what I'm going to do about back to school's just not in the budget. My son has already announced that he must have new sneakers because his old ones are toast. Ever try to find a pair of size 14 sneakers on sale in a store? Hah! Lucky if you can find a pair at full price!

Speaking of money...where is my state refund? Hello! Come on refund! I filed early through the state's efile site. I will never do that again because then they disallow your state withholding because you didn't submit a W-2. I responded immediately to their request for paper forms and the W-2, but still I wait...impatiently.

My son is staying with his dad for a few extra days this week to help him clean-up after some flooding. Apparently Maddux misses him dearly. Maddux, who all weekend would not even come to me to be petted is today all over me. I can barely type this up! He keeps jumping on my lap and climbing all over me and pawing my laptop. He won't leave me alone and this is only day 1 of the extra days my son will be away!

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Shining 2 Save said...

Yay I'm your 300th follower!

Imfrom the Friday blog hop

Hope you can stop by and visit my blog!

Have a great weekend


Anjanette said...

I feel for you on the school shopping front. 3 of the 4 kids are in school always interesting.

GDad said...

Yes. I've had size 14 shoes since I was 14. I don't look for my favorite shoes on sale. I buy whatever shoes are on sale, as long as they are black or white with as little decoration as possible. It maximizes the outfits with which I can wear said sneakers.

Dressy shoes, on the other hand, are so rarely on sale that I don't even try.

Good luck with all that.

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