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Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

My son started school last week Thursday. I thought my daughter started school tomorrow. That's what she kept telling me since summer school ended. So how did I find out that it started today? I got rudely awoken by the bus horn at 7:45am. Not only was it rude, it was puzzling because I had called the bus company to find out her pick up time yesterday and they said it was 6:40am! So the bus was an hour and 5 minutes late. Needless to say my daughter missed the bus and we were running around like 2 crazies trying to get ready and get out the door. I had to drive her to school and because we thought she didn't start until tomorrow, she has a therapist appointment scheduled for today and she won't make it unless I pick her up. So I texted my fabulous girlfriend and explained the situation and she said I could hang at her house (which is real close to my daughter's school) until school lets out, saving me the time and expense of driving home and then driving back again. My girlfriend rocks!

So the rest of my day today will be spent on the phone trying to get her pick up and drop off times more reasonable. You can't expect a child with my daughter's issues to get up and get ready for school for a 6:40am pick up, and 2 and a half hours on the bus. That's just not reasonable.

So my son started last Thursday, right? And he was home all weekend. Sunday night at 7:30pm he tells me he needs a bunch of school supplies, including a flash drive. He had all weekend to tell me, but waits until 7:30pm when I'm exhausted and really, not much is open. So I decide to wait until Monday for this emergency back to school shopping expedition. So my daughter and I go to the new Meijer in Orland Park, all excited because it's my favorite store to shop at and we usually have to drive at least 45 minutes to get to the closest one. Well this one sux. It's very small, no full clothing departments and the flash drives were ridiculously expensive. Call Ripley's because this is the first time ever that I have left a Mejier without buying anything. I seriously doubt I will be going back to that location. So we headed to Targhay, which is close to our house. The school supply section had practically nothing left. Still managed to get a few things and got a flash drive for a more reasonable price.

I am doing the happy dance that they are both in school today, but I'm a little cranky because the bus horn woke me up. Lol!

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Lin said...

Oh, that's a brutal start to the year! That is crazy that the bus is coming that early and she will be on it for so long! I would think that they would know these sorts of things! Ugh.

Yea. Back to school B.S.

StaceyC4 said...

Yes, that is a sucky way to start the school year and I'd be cranky too if the bus woke me up. As it is, I hate my alarm clock for that very reason!

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