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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mom...why do people get their lips pierced?

Taking the writing prompt from Mama's Losin' It...Describe an awkward conversation you had with someone recently.

Whoa! Yeah! Umm, that was awkward. We were in the car Monday night driving home from open gym night and both kids are talking about lip piercings. My daughter, ever the rule follower and announcer of rule breakers pipes in with "you have to remove piercings at our school. They aren't allowed because you could like get hurt in gym class. It could get caught on something." To which my son replies, "so and so had one and I remember he was playing basketball and got his ripped out, it was gross". Now normally I would reply that he was making that up, because he often makes up stuff (I really don't think piercings are allowed at his school, other than ear piercings), but there was no way I was heading into this conversation because the next thing I heard was "Why do people get their lips pierced?" And there was no way I was tackling that question. Of course my mind was distracted with the reasons. Lol! I pretty much let them talk amongst themselves and pretended I was engrossed in the song on the radio and pretended I wasn't paying attention. What was that song? I have no idea.

Talk amongst yourselves. Lol!

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cardiogirl said...

Alright, I feel like a naive dork. Does it have something to do with sex?

Jen said...

Yes, cardiogirl, it has something to do with sex. Same goes for tongue piercings. Lola, you want to explain it to her?

Lola said...

CG - Umm, think about it for a minute. Take an extra minute if you need it?

Jen - I hope she can figure it out on her own. Lol!

Megryansmom said...

Both my kids ruined 'it' for me when they got their tongues pierced. <<Shaking her head and shuttering.

I am Harriet said...

ew ew ew...remember the tongue thing? ew ew ew

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