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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Things have been hoppin' here at Lola's Diner.

School started. Mad dashes to Targhay and Walgreens for those unexpected last minute items needed for school. Lot's of running for dental and doctor appointments.

Good news! My daughter passed her sports physical, so she will again be on the Girl's Golf Team again this year. (We were really sweating that one. For some reason the first appointment I booked for her she was soooo nervous that her resting heartrate was off the charts. They subbed in a female doc at Friday's appointment and all went smoothly.)

The Labor Day weekend was fantastic! Hope you had a good one too. The weather was great. Managed to get a few hours at the Naperville Last Fling. Didn't get to see any bands, but the kids had a good time with the rides and carny games. And of course funnel cake. Capped it off with an impromptu bbq Monday night.

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Lin said...

Isn't it crazy??? You think it's gonna settle down when they go back to school, but it only gets more crazy!!

Jen said...

We had some mad dashes too but now everything has settled (knock on wood) and it is peaceful here once again, at least until 3pm.

Patricia Rockwell said...

My sister Chris was at Last Fling. Did you see her?

I am Harriet said...

I can't believe it even feels like fall here. YUCK.

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