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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Job Hunting

Ok, so I'm job hunting, like millions of Americans out there. I saw this and about bust a gut.

So who wants to be my wing person and be the crazy applicant that drives everyone else away?

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MsCleanslate said...

I believe I would be OUTSTANDING in that capacity.
(Which may, perhaps, explain why I remain unemployed)

sally said...

I'm thinking...wouldn't renting out as the crazy guy be a sure fire employment instead of the one trying to get the job? Just wondering.

cardiogirl said...

There's a market for that kinda guy. I bet he could charge a 10% sign on bonus from the new employee's starting salary.

I'd have to take some sort of upper to be able to do that for you. I might try it if I could find the right drug.

Herrad said...

Please visit my blog and pick up your award.

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