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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Mayhem

1. You mention to your neighbor, with the body odor, that you are heading out to the mall in the morning. Neighbor asks to go with. What do you say? I sincerely doubt any of my neighbors would ask. No way would I take Drummer Boy/aka Metallica-head. He looks like the uni bomber!

2. You go up and down every aisle in the parking lot until you finally scope out that perfect place. You patiently pull over to the side and put your signal on to wait for the person pulls out. Someone snags your spot before you can pull in. What do you do? Just find another spot. Life is too short and an argument will only get your car keyed.

3. You find that perfect sweater for grandpa and it’s the last one in that size. Some lady with three screaming kids approaches you and asks for the sweater for her husband who is deployed in Iraq. What do you do? I'd just give it to her. I love to shop anyway, and I'm sure I could find a better bargain...even though I don't have a grandpa. Lol!

4. You found the perfect gift for your best friend and you notice that there are no less than 100 people in line in front of you. Unfortunately, you just drank 3 cups of coffee before you entered the store. What do you do? Head for the restrooms and hope the line is smaller when I got back.

5. You’re within 10 people of the checkout after waiting in line for 40 minutes and the person in front of you lets three people in line- he was just saving the spot. What do you do? Let everyone else in line handle it, which I'm sure they would.

6. You get to the check out and your card is declined. What do you do? Try it again, cuz I know there shouldn't be an issue.

7. Oops…you forgot to buy something for Aunt Edna. Do you regift the fruit cake George from next door gave you? I love fruit cake, so no way I'm parting with that! I'd find something else to re-gift.

8. Are you planning on doing most of your shopping in the stores or online this year? My income is in limbo right now, so I'm not even sure if I will able to Christmas shop this year.

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Lin said...

I hate shopping this time of year. I think I did most of it online and saved the stores for necessities during the dinner hour. Ugh.

Kate said...

Hi my new friend! Love your page and hope you don't mind that I grabbed your button to put on my blog :)

Please stop bye when you're free!

Peace & Love

Sofia's Ideas said...

Love the design & layout of your blog! Especially the Guest Check! :)

I'm now following you through the Tag Back Tuesday Blog Hop. I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @

Sofia's Ideas

Mommying On The Fly said...

To flippin funny... Lola... Swinging by my friend to thank you for the thoughtful comment you left me this morning, and maybe spread a little encouragement your way too.. and looking forward to NOT having to pay $80.00 for jeans and a $40.00 shirt IS on sale in those darn plus sizes..... bwahahahahaha always floors me when I walk by those stores and you see those $2.00 racks.(darn skinny bitches...).hahahahahaha... lool..

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