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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday, Black Saturday, Cyber Monday...and Christmas Lists

Anyone head out for the Black Friday deals? Technically speaking I guess I did, but I didn't go until after a nice leisurely lunch with a friend. We hit Hobby Lobby for some crafty stuff, and then we hit Walmart late afternoon. No...I didn't make any Christmas purchases, just a necessity item. Surprisingly Walmart wasn't that crazy.

I didn't do any shopping the rest of the weekend except for hitting Home Depot for some paint and supplies.

Cyber Monday? Nope. Thanks to a certain "situation" I am very low on funds. Grrr. I didn't even look at any ads and I got a bajillion emails about the deals. If course all of my co-workers were all over it. Every time I walked past a desk their computers were on a shopping site.

So, what's on your Christmas list this year? I have no idea what to put on my list. My gf asked. I just have no idea. Any ideas?

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StaceyC4 said...

So I was one of the idiots in the Walmart Thanksgiving night at 10 and let me just say WASTE OF TIME. This is the last time I will EVER go out and do that. My kids are older now and there really wasn't anything that we HAD to have that justified the insanity of the day. And the Christmas lists this year? They're younger one did all of his shopping out of a Fingerhut catalog that I have no idea why we have!

Lin said...

I don't know what I want either. I guess that means we have enough, right? Joe and I went light this year--we just bought a few things and didn't waste money on things we didn't need.

Didn't go shopping on Friday or Monday. I hate the crowds.

Lola said...

@ Stacey - Well I say thank God for the Fingerhut catalog then! Most of the stuff in there isn't that pricey and it's one stop shopping ONLINE! Woo hoo for you!

@ Lin - I just can't think of anything. Of course my gf and my friends keep pestering me, but I just can't think of anything. And of course I'm being budget conscious here, so that's what makes it so difficult. I know that none of them, my gf included, can afford anything expensive.

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