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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I used to watch Rosie's old show religiously. I loved it. I'm not so sure about this one.

I haven't watched every episode, but I think I've watched enough to know that I'm not too keen on it.

I saw the episode where she visited the Bra Whisperer. I was pretty much mortified by her behavior. I'm not a prude, but when I got an awesome fitting bra awhile back I wasn't showing it to everyone. (Well...I did participate in down the shirt front camera shots at a bar once, but that was at a bar...not on television.)

Maybe I'm not liking the single Rosie? I dunno. I think the monologue is wayyy too long. She talks over her guests all the time. (Did she get that from being on The View?)

I want to like her. I want to support "family", but I dunno.

I don't much care for her idol worship of Oprah. She's always talking about her as if she's the best thing since sliced bread or something.

I do see that she's doing some of the same things she did on the old show, like giving away cool prizes to the audience.

Maybe if she gave me and my family a free Rosie cruise I'd change my mind.

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Lin said...

I think her "shtick" is tired. I just see the commercials for that show and I can't watch it. She's too over-the-top for me.

Paula said...

I agree....I am so totally tired of all these talk shows that give prizes to the audience. And Rosie sucks at this. Give it up girl....your 15 minutes are over.

Shauni said...

I agree with you Lola, although I have no problem being on a show that gives prizes.. hey why not.. buy your fan base *grins*

I really liked her old show and haven't seen her recent one.. but I do agree on the whole Oprah worship thing..

Lola said...

@ Lin - I agree. I just wonder how long the show is going to last before it gets canceled. And...would the one she worships even cancel her? I mean, Oprah doesn't have much original content on her network.

@ Paula - In her old show Rosie did quite well. I think she's just too full of herself now. Being all GAY and single. Lol! I mean, how many times a show does she mention he's gay? Is there one person on the planet that doesn't know that?

@ Shauni - You have to check out the new show, just so you can compare.

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