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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kid's Christmas Lists...

A bit of a re-run from 2009:

Our kids know that this year...again...will be a bit different from the rest because this year is not good in terms of our finances. We're not making it obvious, like my Mom did (hello 4 foot aluminum Christmas tree), but we have asked them to dial it down a bit.
The kids have been talking about lists since before Thanksgiving. Mostly my daughter. She's got some big ticket items on it, not surprising, because her the refurbished computer I bought her last year took a dump...but Ipad? Ugh!

Do you ask your kids for 'wish lists'?

If you do, what was the biggest ticket item they asked for?

If you do, what was the most unusual thing they asked for? How old were they?

My kids have always made lists, even before they could write, they used to cut the pictures out of the ads and paste them on paper.

Video game systems have been on their list since they became aware of Nintendo 64, but I'm not springing for a PS3, or an Xbox Kinnect. They've got enough different systems. Used games or gift cards for Gamestop will have to do.

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Lin said...

My kids don't really have anything big they want anymore. Em wants clothes, Col wants some games and computer stuff. It's almost like they would just like the cash now that they are older. Yeah, me too.

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