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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update on my Walmart Rant on poor customer service...


A "manager" called me from Walmart and wanted all the details on how I did not receive good customer service. She wanted to know exactly what happened and who did what.

I'm sorry, but the elderly Greeter did everything I think she possibly could, it wasn't her fault that the other employees who were standing around doing nothing chatting with each other didn't help.

Nor was it her fault that the manager on duty walked away and she had to run after him. The Greeter should not get in trouble.

Anyway, turns out that store only got 4 of the item that had a poster prominently displayed at the entrance. FOUR! And they sold out right way. The "manager" who phoned me claimed they were contractually required to keep the poster displayed for a certain amount of time. She told me exactly where the books WERE. Near the toy department. No one directed me there. She also said someone should have accompanied me on my hunt, or gone to look and have me wait. Nothing of the sort happened.

She claimed they were having a managers meeting at 9pm Wednesday night and they were going to discuss this so it doesn't happen again. Bravo Walmart! I am soooo glad that I helped you to improve your customer service and so happy to know that you are throwing the Greeter under the bus and blaming her.

I'm so happy that I had to go chasing this item down at a competitor and pay more.

Thank you so much Walmart for allowing me to waste my valuable time, not only in your store, being led on a wild goose chase for over an hour, but also on the phone.

And what do I have to show for helping them improve their shoddy customer service? Bupkus! Nada! Zip! Zilch! Nothing! Way to go Walmart!

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Cardiogirl said...

I'm so surprised that she didn't offer something for your trouble -- like a $25 gift card. Sounds like all she offered were excuses.

Plus, who has a managers meet at 9 o'clock AT NIGHT?

Lin said...

You know, I don't expect nothing from Walmart and I'm always pleasantly surprised by how nice the employees are. But then again, I have never asked them for help or anything. But are they any different than any other store these days?? I don't think anyone has a brain cell in their heads anymore.

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