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Monday, July 30, 2012

Introducing a new kitty to the family

I don't exactly know how well this is going to work, but my gf wants to introduce her kitty to Irish and Maddux tomorrow.  This should be interesting.  News to follow.

Anyone have any tips on how to do this?  All 3 cats are declawed, all 4 paws, so we don't have to worry about clawing injuries, however, they can still bite.  

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Shan G said...

I'd be worried about them peeing to mark territory.

Lin said...

You have to seclude the new kitty into a room for awhile and let him get used to the new house. The kitties will sniff through the doors and know that they are all there together. Then, put up a gate or something to block the door and let them safely sniff each other for a short time each day. if it gets heated, just shut the door and let them try again the next day.

I wouldn't just throw him in. It isn't fair to anyone.

Be patient. There will be lots of posturing and "fights" until they work it out.

or not.

Grace STILL hates Hobbes after all these years.

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