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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cookbook Review - Dadgum That's Good Too! By John McLemore

I received a copy of John McLemore's DADGUM That's Good, Too!  The only thing missing at my house is the Masterbuilt Smoker.  OMG!  These recipes are fantastic!  If you own any of MASTERBUILT's products, you've got to get this cookbook.  Even if you don't own one of their products, you can makeshift your gas grill with smoker boxes like I do.  I'm probably not getting as much smokey goodness as their smokers, but I'm working with what I've got, and the recipes are still mouthwatering good.  I'd love to do a review of one of their Electric Smokers.  Hint! Hint!
 Dadgum That's Good, Too!
I've seen Mr. McLemore on QVC many times, and every time I swear the whole family is drooling from watching him take his completed dishes out of the smoker.

This is the cookbook you want for smoking, grilling, frying, steaming and boiling.  It contains 135 mouthwatering recipes with full-color photos.  Most recipes even suggest which type of wood is best to use.  You're going to find recipes for some items you've never imagined smoking...Nancy's Smoked Mac & Cheese, Corn Chowder, Beef Jerky, and more.  The Smoked Boston Butt is delicious.  (Bad blogger!  It looked so good everyone was digging in and I totally forgot to snap a photo.)

The book's Foreword is written by Paula Deen. 

The Table of Contents is as follows:
Meat and Seafood
Smoking Times and Temperatures
Direct Versus Indirect Grilling
Most Common Woods For Smoking
Dadgum Good Flavors and Such
Our Story
Recipe Index

John McLemore Bio
John McLemore is the co-owner and President/CEO of Masterbuilt Manufacturing, Inc.  Masterbuilt manufactures indoor and outdoor consume cooking products and automotive aftermarket accessories.

As a leader in the industry, John is not afraid to take risks and keep pushing himself harder.  With faith in God and a lot of hard work, he continues to face challenges without fear.  He has traveled the world over and learned a lot of lessons about life, and food, along the way.  Everywhere he goes, he has requests for recipes, tips and secrets for his meals.  Always a solution-maker, he knew it was time to share his family story and recipes in a cookbook, Dadgum, That's Good! is much more than just a Southern phrase and the title of his cookbook, it's the summation of a life's work in creating delicious food with world-class cooking products.

This would make a great gift!

Dadgum That's Good Too! is available at and Barnes And, as well as your local bookseller.

Lola's Diner Disclaimer: I was given the cookbook Dadgum That's Good Too! to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this book review.

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