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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AMC - Bianca is back!

I’m finding it hard to find a coherent topic to blog about. I’m a bit discombobulated this week I guess. My schedule is off this week because my physical therapist could not see me on my usual days, so I’m Monday and Thursday this week. I was feeling sort of blue, so I got my butt out to Starbucks and got my favorite, Green Tea Frappacino. I don't do Starbucks that often because I have my own Expresso/Cappucino machine, and frankly my homemade is better. But the Green Tea Frappacino really can't be duplicated at home, so when I want a treat, that's it.

I was REALLY looking forward to "All My Children" (AMC) on Monday because Bianca is back and I’m anxious to see how her storyline is going to flow. I began watching AMC last fall when I became ill. About that time Bianca had befriended Zarf/Zoe. Zoe did the “secret admirer” thing which is always creepy, no matter who the secret admirer is. Please people, if you’re crushing on someone, just suck it up and ask them out for coffee! Doing the “secret admirer” notes and gifts is just too stalker like in today’s world.

Anyway, I digress. Pregnant Bianca was found amongst the rubble from the tornado by Zach who, weirdly enough is her baby daddy. Bianca then proceeds to give birth after the packed ambulance leaves with the injured.

This is at least the 2nd week now of the AMC tornado storyline. I’ve had enough. It’s not just JR’s bad acting, being distraught over Babe’s possibly eminent death. It’s the tornado storyline itself. Last year, late August we had an F1 tornado touch down on our block. Six houses, mine included, were in the path of destruction. Fortunately, our home fared the best. Our next door neighbor who hunkered down with us in our basement, had a huge tree uprooted and deposited onto the side of their house. We had tree debris all over our property, even though our 3 trees were left intact. We had other damage, but in comparison, it was minimal. The worst of it was the power outage that lasted 4 days and the flooded basement. Our tornado was also the precursor of a chain of events that my partner and I believe led to my daughter’s psychotic break.

According to a post on, Bianca’s character is going to be in a long-term relationship. I felt they did a really good job of treating Zarf/Zoe’s transgender issues. It will be interesting to see how AMC treats the relationship.

Will it be treated similar to a traditional heterosexual relationship, maybe with a few nods to some of the discrimination same sex couples deal with?

Or will it be a freak show?

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