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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good help is hard to find

I’ve been a supervisor before in my career. I supervised a small office staff. I never had any trouble motivating anyone to work or get things done on a timeline.

Why can’t I get my teens to do some fall cleaning around the house? It’s not like there is no incentive for them to do a little work. Rake some leaves, clean out the garage. I’m going to pay them extra cash, its not like I expect them to do it just for enjoying my company for an afternoon.

I can only supervise because of my disability. Really! My son once said that I’m just saying that to ‘get out of it’. Oh no you didn’t!

It’s way overdue and I can’t do it. It’s time to pull the snow blower out from the nether regions of the garage, gas it up and try starting it before everyone and their brother is bringing theirs in for repairs. The weather Friday said that we could get our first snowfall on Halloween this year.

After the snow blower comes out of hiding the lawnmower has to have the gas run out of it and be moved to the spot the snow blower was. Sounds simple right? Wrong!

Every time one of my kids takes something out of the garage, they put it back near the side door, instead of the spot where it belongs. You can’t even walk 1 foot past the side door without feeling like you should have trained with the Wallendas.

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