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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Auto Execs Fly Private Jets to Cry Poor to Congress

ABC News has reported:
"First Class Not Good Enough for Auto Execs"


I don't know about you, but when I have only a few pennies to scrape together I take the cheapest means of transportation.

These execs crying poor and asking Congress for a $25 Billion bailout arriving in private jets...

That would be like my unemployed neighbor taking a limosine to apply for Food Stamps.

Come on now!

Where is the COMMON SENSE?

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Jesse said...

Its just like how all the bank executives took their bonuses... errr, I mean bailout money, and used it to go to "seminars" at 5 star hotels where somebody with all the brains was teaching them how to run their banks better.

Now honestly, if the people leading these seminars are so damn good, why aren't they the high paid executives in charge of our newly federalized banking system?

Corporate America is full of greed. While I don't totally disagree with large bonuses to certain people, when your corporation is crashing and burning, there is no way in hell I'd even consider taking a huge cash bonus while all my employee's retirement funds dwindle to nothing.

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