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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reality Show Proposal - Life Swap

My partner, Anastasia is brilliant.

She says why don't they do a reality show where one of these corporate boneheads like Robert Nardelli of Chrysler, Alan Mulally of Ford, or Rick Wagoner of GM trade lives for two weeks or a month with one of their assembly-line workers who is due to get the axe (ala "Wife Swap") .

How about making the bailout conditional on them all doing this Life Swap?*
  • Make them live the day that Joe Assembly-Line gets his pink slip.
  • Make them have to go home to the swapped life and tell the wife and kids that daddy is unemployed.
  • Make them have to deal with Joe Assembly-Line's budget and develop a new budget for life on unemployment.
  • Make them decide how the mortgage gets paid this month and next month and the month after.
  • Make them have to decide which vehicle gets sold or repossessed.
  • Make them experience the job search "help" that Chrysler/Ford/GM and the unions offer laid-off employees.
  • Make them apply for jobs at places like McDonald's and Walmart.
  • Teach them the "chasing shut-off" game where you pay only the bills that have disconnect notices.
  • Make them decide whether to pay the electric bill or buy groceries next week.
  • Make them feel what it's like to turn the thermostat way, way down during the winter to keep the heating bills down.
  • Make them figure out how on earth the family is going to manage not having the most dreadful Holiday Season of their lives.
*Also, conditions of the bailout should include conditions similar to the previous Chrysler bailout. Add to that, all the corporate jets get sold, no bonuses and the top 3 forgo salaries until the 3 companies turn a profit and payback the loan. And the corporate mucky mucks must utilize video conferencing for meetings or go through their company travel program for contracted reduced rates with airlines, hotels, car rentals.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your post.

Some things to read or watch regarding our request for funds to support our automotive industry:

Bob Nardelli’s Senate/House written testimony at

Mark Phelan’s article, “6 myths about the Detroit 3,” in the Detroit Free Press at

and a Chrysler video “Straight Talk About Assistance” at

Thanks. Patti, Chrysler

Lola said...

I don't doubt the Detroit 3's need for assistance. However, as a former employee of a division of one of the Detroit 3, I can state for a fact that there is a lot of corporate waste. Members of my family have worked for divisions of the Detroit 3 for the past 50+ years.

I understand the math in I understand the significance the Detroit 3 have on the US economy.

I want to know that Congress isn't offering up $25 Billion of our tax dollars without adequate terms and conditions.

Have we learned nothing from our Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's statement that he has "broad authority" with regard to the $700 Billion bailout?

I know the Corporate Travel Policy for 1 of the Detroit 3 and I find it unconscionable that with the company in such dire straits that the CEO has the audacity to continue to travel in a corporate jet which costs an estimated $20,000 roundtrip versus flying coach with a commercial airline which would cost $288 roundtrip or
$837 roundtrip first class.

Cut the luxuries. "LOOK" like you REALLY need the money.

On The Verge said...

This idea is wonderful! They need to see what it is really like out in "the real world".

ordinarymom said...

AWESOME! I think that same senario should be applied to MANY situations! Hey you could make a ton of money.....write up a script and send it to hollywood.

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