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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Do you shop Black Friday?

A poll taken in Milwaukee says that only 22% of people intend to shop on Black Friday. Seemed kind of low to me. At the time of this posting, the poll was running 23% of people intend to shop on Black Friday.

I guess I'm just surprised. I would have thought more people would be planning on heading out before the crack of dawn to snap up Black Friday Deals.

I'm going to wait for the Black Friday ads to come out before I make my decision. I've seen the Walmart and Kohl's Black Friday ad previews and I'm just not impressed. My initial thought was that due to the economy, the crowds will be even uglier than last year. I hope I'm wrong.

Anastasia swore off Black Friday the first year we moved to the burbs. I dragged her out on my Black Friday run that year. I guess Black Friday shopping has to be in your blood?

I figure I'm in pretty good shape, gift-wise for now. I did have a bit of a panicked moment earlier this evening. My son was with me when I picked up some items over the summer and he knows the hiding place for those items. Tonight he says to me "Maaaahhhm?" in that long drawn out way that he says Mom when he wants something, or when he's being a smart aleck. "Maaaahhhm? Isn't it good that I haven't told anyone about the hiding place?" I'm thinking 'oh crap' and 'hush money', but I play it cool, "Yes that's really good dear". That was it. Phew! Dodged a bullet there.

Anastasia, don't even think about asking him! Besides, I've had plenty of time to re-hide them. :p


Jesse said...

Milwaukee is too cold at this time of the year. Combine that with the economy not doing so hot and you have a perfect combo for people not giving a crap.

My mom used to fight in Black Friday messes, hitting up 3-5 stores, but now it just almost doesn't seem to be worth it.

I'd say this year would probably be the best year for black friday though. Stores are expecting low sales this holiday season, so they have stocked up more than ever for this years black friday. Instead of retailers having 100 HDTVs this year, they will have 200 because they are going to try to squeeze out every last profit from consumers.

This year, I might check out the Ralph Lauren midnight black Friday. And fortunately for me, I no longer live in Milwaukee, but Atlanta has been just as bitter cold lately.

Lola said...

I'm in Illinois, south of Chicago, but grew up in Milwaukee. You'd be surprised how many people stand in line for hours out in the bitter cold.

Saturday night when I was at Meijer a woman was quizzing the manager about their Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale. She was trying to figure out her strategy. Meijer is open 24 hours and sets up lines for certain items. If you arrive early enough, you can line up inside the store. A line for HDTV's, a line for video games, a line for ipods, etc. Last year people started lining up instore at 11pm Wednesday night. It was chaos. People got in lines and they didn't even know what they were in line for.

The woman was put off because she wanted video games, and an HDTV and something else. The manager told her to bring a friend because she won't be allowed to buy even related items in one line.

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