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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Real or Fake?

Get your minds out of the gutter! I'm talkin trees!
Photobucket2008 undecorated christmas tree
Since moving out to the burbs 3 years ago we have always had a real tree for Christmas. And every year it gets more and more ridiculous how much they cost. It's not just the cost, it's the mess. Every year I put my vote in for a nice fake tree. And I lose. This year with the cheapest real trees costing $35 and looking frankly pathetic, I WON!

On Black Friday Anastasia and I embarked on our hunt for the most real looking fake tree we could get on our budget. We were crazed and just would not even consider coming home without a tree. We went to Target, Michaels (twice), Kmart, Walmart and Lowes. We found our prize at Lowes and it was 25% off. Bonus!

Anastasia wanted a pre-lit tree with colored lights. I wanted clear lights. We ended up with clear lights only because the tree I found looked more real than the only other pre-lit colored light tree that fit our budget AND was in stock. (We had found the perfect tree pre-lit with colored lights at Michaels, but when we went back to try to buy it, they were out of stock.) We got the 7 1/2 Foot pre-lit with clear lights at Lowes has pine cones! Can't get more real looking than that!

Our cat thinks we got the tree just for her. She's lying on the tree skirt toward the back of the tree meditating...or something.

Anyway, the tree turned out great and I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

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graceless said...

get a real one that still has it's roots - you can keep using it year after year..

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