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Monday, December 1, 2008

President Elect Barack Obama's announces Secty of State

Ok, I watched President Elect Obama's speech this morning. (I had a bit of trouble getting video of the entire speech, but finally found it on CNN. Watch about 3-4 minutes into President Elect Obama's speech.

Why does it seem like Hilary doesn't want to be there? She looks angry, bored, even disinterested. Look at her face as President Elect Obama announces that he is naming Hilary as his Secretary of State.

Did she have a root canal before the speech this morning?

Did someone steal her kitty cat?

Did she lose her best friend?
I realize she must be terribly, terribly disappointed to not be our new President Elect, but she has obviously accepted the position of Secretary of State, why the sour puss?

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Dad to two said...

You are right! I watched your link to the video, and Hilary looked like she was about to cry. I wonder what happened before the presentation to make her so despondent.

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