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Sunday, June 21, 2009

lolapalooza Saturday

Saturday started off as usual, a late start, so we split up to get more done. I hightailed it to the local Farmer's Market less than a 1/2 hour before closing. Due to the late time, parking was excellent. We purchased cucumbers, 1 red bell pepper, 2 green bell peppers and tomatoes. We also visited the Salsa guys and got another jar of their Key Lime & Garlic Salsa. Just as we were about to visit the tent with all the wonderful canned goodies, baked breads and focaccia, Anastasia called saying she had a flat and she was still in our driveway.

I hightailed it home and filled the tire using the air compressor in my car. We went to ~~~~~~ Tire because, well, it was close and because it had "tire" in it's name. We ran errands, then came back to find out the tire was not fixable. Ok, fine, how much for a new tire? We don't have your size tire in stock. Really, "tire" is in your business's name and you don't have the most popular size tire in the planet in stock? They refer us to NTB, but Anastasia wants to go to Discount Tire, so I ask to borrow the phone book from ~~~~~~ Tire. I copy some phone numbers and we start making calls in my car. The number for Discount Tire is disconnected.

We decide to go to NTB. The guy gives us a quote, not his cheapest tire, the next cheapest. 4 tires, installed, balanced, out the door with tax and about 4 b*llsh*t fees, $659. WTH? She drives a Monte Carlo, not a monster truck! Anastasia begins hyperventilating at the price. The NTB guy, ever the salesman, begins giving her the no money down credit pitch. LMAO! Dude, no job, no credit. More laughter. Then the salesman begins his pitch on me. Dude, no job dude. We were laughing so hard as we walked out the door that we forgot that we left the kids in the waiting area. I had to go back and get them. No, I'm not even kidding!

Next we are off to some sketchy tire place in J-town that sells used tires. They only have 3. Anastasia needed 4. They looked bad anyway, but the more Anastasia and I waffle about them, the lower the price becomes. We decide to see if Discount Tire is still in business and drive there.

It's in business! We talk to the salesman, and tell him our experience at NTB, complete with the price quote and the Dude, no job dude. The 3 of us are laughing our asses off. When the guy gives us the quote he quotes the same price as NTB, then he starts laughing more, just kidding he says! This dude's a comedian. Then he quotes the real price, which is reasonable, so we tell him to get started.

We spent the entire day trying to get the tire issue resolved. Anastasia and I traded bodies again, like that movie with Jaime Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday (2003).) (Hint - Anastasia is normally the happy go lucky, silver lining person, and I'm the grumpy, why does everything bad happen to me person.) But we switched, so I'm seeing the bright side and she's mad as all get out. We actually even recreated that moment when the 2 discover they've swapped. The "Ahhhhhh". Yes we did! Cause we're weird like that. Because if we're not going to have grocery money for this week, dammit, we're going to have a good laugh and have a good time anyway! Cause that's how we roll.

Anastasia got no errands run and we were all exhausted by the time we got home. Anastasia had to call her client to cancel work for that night because we were at the tire place late. Anastasia started to make dinner and sent me to the store for a milk and bread. I splurged and got this:
And I was bartender all night. Yes I was!

Oh, and yes, I'm fully aware that I misspelled Lollapalooza as Lolapalooza. It's a play on words. Lola, Lolapalooza, get it? Got it? Good! Next time I do a Lolapalooza post, I hope it's about something more fun. And if it isn't more fun, at least let it be less expensive!

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Auntie E said...

Hubby's the same way on Cost of tires,lol. He went to a place 45 minutes away ( because it was cheaper. let's talk gas prices and had new tire put on my LaSabre. I had to go back there on the same day to have them rebalanced and they still were not's been 4 week since then( I want my old tires back;-0 they are in Tire Heaven or Hell..Not sure which) we have had them rebalanced 4 times and a flat tire repaired (those nail are always looking for the new Tires). They do not make them like they use to and the cost has quadrupled. Hope your tires are better:-)

Herrad said...


Hope you got the tires sorted.

Happy Summer Solstice to you.

Susan Campbell Cross said...

Hey there Lola! I'm "tagging" you in a fun photo game. Play along, all the cool kids are doing it. :)

Kelley said...

Glad you got the tire thing straightened out! I hate stuff like that!

A couple of weeks ago, a radio station here was giving away tickets for Lollapalooza in Chicago. I didn't win :-( It would have been awesome!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Lemons to lemonade (or at least, margueritas). Yay!

Stephany said...

thank God for margarita mix. you know i am the only person in the world who is minutes from crossing the Canadian border for a fun martini afternoon, when the car dashboard lights on fire. that caused me to be towed from the line, backwards, down the exit ramp behind me. my car runs on karma.

yay for new tires and that salsa sounds MMM

blueviolet said...

You actually made an entire post about tire shopping completely entertaining. :)

Lola said...

@ Auntie E - That NTB place put a whole bunch of bogus fees on the tab. I know there is a state fee for recycling, but the shop fee? What's that for?

@ Herrad - Finally all done. They ride great too. (I had to check them out. Lol!)

@ Kelley - That would have been awesome.

@ Stephany - OMW! That's terrible. Who knew that could even happen?

@ Blueviolet - Hey, if we've got to spend a day in tire shops I'm for sure going to make it entertaining and you know there is a blog post in there somewhere.

Lola said...

@ Susan - I will fit it in to my rotation.

@ Angie Ledbetter - You know it!

Marsha said...

It'd be so much easier on the wallet if the tires would wear out one at a time, wouldn't it? But you got to end the day with Margarita's. I just love happy endings. :)

Lin said...

Okay, I got the Lolapalooza from the start--do I get bonus points??

Love the tire story. It's just so ridiculous that you have to laugh. Crying ain't gonna fix the problem. LOVE the dude who messed with you and gave you the faux quote--FUNNY. Love him. And I even chuckled at you forgetting the teens, although I'm sure they didn't. :)

Hey, the next time you are having a problem with a sales guy, just toss the "waitress" term around--it is very empowering.

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