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Monday, June 22, 2009

tag, I'm it!

Susan @ Secrets Of A Suburban Soccer Mom has tagged me.

Here's how it works. Go to your first photo file and choose the 10th photo. Then post it!

Here's mine:
This photo is my daughter from our Mother's Day golf outing. It was her first chance to try out the new clubs she got for Christmas.

Now to tag five more lucky players, in no particular order:
1. John @ Gay Dads In Munchkin Land.
2. Auntie E @ At Home With Auntie E.
3. Patricia @ Subjective Soup.
4. Lin @ Duck And Wheel With String.
5. Kelley @ Kelley's Casa DeChaos.

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chicamom85 said...

Tag is fun, its great to see the photos and the stories.


Anonymous said...

Nice Post

Angie Ledbetter said...

Very kewl!

Auntie E said...

Oh No!! I have several photo files,lol...I will use the one on the computer I am on now.. Post will be up shortly:-)

Patricia Rockwell said...

This one I can actually do! I save every photo and they are all invariably awful! Will be up later today! Thanks for the idea!

Lin said...

Arrrghhhh! I'm gonna kill you!! Okay, I think I can do this one because it is a photo quest. Stay tuned....

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