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Monday, July 27, 2009

i love targhay!

In my previous post I mentioned that Anastasia got me the exact watch same watch as my previous watch. (Because that is exactly what I wanted.) I took the new one to have some links removed and decided I would have those links added to the old beat up watch, have a new battery installed and give it to our son.

After golf we went back to Targhay to have the links added to the old watch and a new battery installed. It was supposed to cost $3.99 or $4.99 for the new battery. No big deal. Well, the clerk who was installing the battery broke my old watch. So they went to the floor, grabbed the same watch new and told me they would send my old beat up watch back as defective. They adjusted this new replacement watch for my son and now he also has a brand spanking new watch.

And bonus, they didn't charge me anything.

Lucky day! Too bad I don't have any money to go on the boats.

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Night Owl Mama said...

WOW someone snuck that one by the manager. That is awesome Hurray for a new watch

Diane said...

wow! they really went way out to correct the little problem they created. that's good!

Lola said...

Actually the clerk was having difficulty, it was taking longer than it should and she sent me to do other shopping. I think she did that to call for back-up because when I returned she was joined by 2 other clerks. The clerk that broke it was going to call for a manager but one of the other clerks said if we still sell the exact item, you don't need approval. Then the third clerk agreed. Apparently if you have a quorum of Targhay employees, that's good enough. Lol!

Sandee said...

Sometimes things just work out for the best. This is one of them. Way to go.

Have a terrific day. :)

Dorothy said...

You bet and often customer service is non existent so good for you and your son.

Dorothy from grammology

Da Old Man said...

Good customer service is hard to find today. Nice to read of a positive experience.

Baba said...

You have an Award!

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