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Monday, July 27, 2009

a belated thank you

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday on Friday special. It was really great to see my inbox fill with well wishes throughout the day and throughout the weekend.

And to a certain very creative commenter...
You only get credits for the July Top Commenter contest under your name. You do get bonus pally points for creativity though.

What did I do to celebrate, besides VGNO, BlogNerd Bash and BlogHop 09? Not a lot. Anastasia popped a roast in the crock pot before heading out for her caregiver gig. While I VGNO'd, BlogNerd Bashed and BlogHop 09'd I got to watch my kids play video games on the big screen tv. (I can't tell you how much I enjoy that. Really! I can't!)

I got a little dyke bling. I got a new Timex Expedition watch that I love. (Yes, it's exactly the same as my old watch that I've had forever. Only this new one is bright and shiny and working and not scratched and pitted and needing a battery. I love it. I asked for it. And I got it!)

No birthday cake and ice cream. :( But the kids did bring me back a funnel cake after they left a local festival. I took a pass on joining them because I was having a worse than usual back day. Kind of sorry I missed it though. Anastasia talked them into going on the ferris wheel. She said she about wet herself laughing at the looks on their faces as they went round on the ferris wheel. Damn! I miss all the good stuff.

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Lin said...

All those Cubs players stopped in to comment?!! Wow. If I liked the Cubs I would be really jealous.

Diane said...

lol that was very creative!!

good to hear that you had a nice birthday, even though you had to skip out on some of the fun.

can you believe - of all things, i am petrified of ferris wheels?!

The Redhead Riter said...

Stopping by to give a little blog ♥

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