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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

this just in...Michael Jackson...

Yup, still D E A D.

How low of a journalist (and I use that term loosely) do you have to be to look into whether a deceased person's children are really their biological children? Seriously. The man was childlike, he loved children, he wanted a family in whatever configuration he chose to have. (Don't many of us have non-traditional families?) What business is it of the general public who the father or mother of his children were? He was legally their father, regardless of paternity.

Back to what the media isn't concentrating on, the allegations that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. How quickly they forget don't they? No mention at all of the Jesus Juice in any reports I've seen. And frankly, I've seen too many. I'm about ready to put a moratorium on MJ media coverage in my house. One interesting thing I did see in my traipsing through the blogosphere today was a number of blogs addressing the alleged molestations, calling out to those alleged victims saying "WE BELIEVE YOU". Interesting.

Isn't it interesting also that this nurse/nutritional counselor/friend has come forward to say that June 21, she was contacted by a member of Jackson's staff. "He called and was very frantic and said, 'Michael needs to see you right away.' I said, 'What's wrong?' And I could hear Michael in the background. . . . 'One side of my body is hot, it's hot, and one side of my body is cold. It's very cold,' " Ms. Lee said. "At that point, I knew that somebody had given him something that hit the central nervous system," she said. Hmmm, Ms. Lee, if that conversation actually happened and you felt that he should go to the hospital, why did you do nothing and contact no one else? Were it true, why didn't you contact a member of MJ's family?

Why is the media still feeding on this? They barely covered Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett's funerals. They barely mentioned Fred Travalena's death on June 28th. He was a celebrity impressionist genius.

Karl Malden died today. How much have you heard about that? He had the longest marriage in Hollywood history, but I bet you won't hear about that. Because that's something positive. The media is only out for the negative. He was also a member of the United States Postal Service's 16-member Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, which meets to review recommendations for U.S. commemorative postage stamps. But that won't sell thousands of copies of US Weekly and People magazine. It's too bad celebrities need to do something scandalous to be recognized in death.

How about waiting for the autopsy results? How about stop reporting on your speculation? How about leaving his children alone and stop trying to dredge up their parentage?

Oh, and in MJ's Will Diana Ross was named as an alternate if his mother predeceased him or was unable to care for his children. Doesn't that mean that the kids would be back with Michael? I mean, since all the plastic surgery Michael has had, have you ever seen the 2 in the same room? Oh wait, is that LaToya. Or Janet. Or any of the 3? Hmmm...

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JHS said...

No, silly, that's not Diana or LaToya. That's JANET. Janet and Michael are/were the same person. Got that now? Ok. Good.

BTW, Michael's not dead. He faked his death to get out of debt and is living on a remote ranch in Montana where his children are actually staying with him. Everyone thinks they're inside the Jackson compound. But they're not.

Trust me. I have an impeccable source. Better than all the other sources. Including the nurse. ;-)

BTW, CNN is now doing an update on the status of Bubbles the Chimp so I gotta run . . . can't miss that!

Lin said...

You know, I was sort of glad for Farrah that MJ took over all of the coverage so that she could be laid to rest in peace--without the news media covering and trashing her dead bones. It was a blessing in disquise, don't you think.

Enough with MJ already. Bury the dude. I just posted that.

Candice said...

I hear ya. Unfortunately I doubt this will "die" down any time soon.

Lucky us, huh?

Rosie said...

Trapezying through the internet? LOL!

Rosie said...

Sorry! I mis-read it. It's late here in Southern California. and yes, I agree. I have just about had enough of the "live from Encino" or " reporting live from Neverland Ranch" blah, blah blha...

The Gonzo Mama said...

Good Lord... I only birthed one of my seven kids, but if some douchebag journalist wanted to dissect their family trees after my death to "prove" they weren't "mine," I'd haunt him/her worse than that little dead girl from Poltergeist.

Seriously. My kids are ALL mine. I don't care whose hoo-hoo they got squeezed out of, or whose sperm squirted into that hoo-hoo.

Those kids just lost their DAD. Do they need to have public speculation about their paternity heaped on them right now?

Lola said...

@ JHS - I'm sure The Enquirer would pay highly for your "impeccable source".

@ Lin - In a way I feel Farrah was short changed. I mean, here she is, this story of courage battling against the odds, trying to raise awareness for a cancer that is not very common and she gets trumped by MJ. I say not fair.

@ Candice - This will go on long after the autopsy results are revealed and we will no doubt begin having MJ sightings, much like there were Elvis sightings after his death.

@ Rosie - No "Trapezying" through the internet, though that could be fun, I'm just not in that kind of shape. Lol!

@ Rosie - Yes, it just goes on and on, doesn't it?

@ The Gonzo Mama - That's my whole point. Do his children really need to be exposed to this nonsense? Who cares who the biological parents are? What matters is who their LEGAL parents are and who loved them and cared for them. (Yes I said it, even though we are talking about someone who served his child guests Jesus Juice. He must have some redeeming, good qualities that his children have seen.)

Simple said...

thank you most kindly for the MJ update: "Still DEAD"


Auntie E said...

That is why I do not listen to the News... Oh.. I loved Carl Malden, Hawaii 5-O was one of my favorites...This Is why I come to the Diner, only the good News told here:-) Had enough of the MJ. I really do not care what he died of or where his kids go..Only know one group of reporters that would like to know that and they were following Diana of Whales when she came to her death! No celebrity Post for me. Well maybe if I get to see Johnny Depp and get a photo with him and maybe talk him into dinner....I'M dreaming again...

Suzy said...

If Fred Travelena had the number one album for over 30 years, we'd be talking about him and anyone else who did that.

Harve Presnell died yesterday. Right now people are going, "Who?"

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