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Friday, August 21, 2009

Loyal Friend And Visitor Award - Thank You!

Stacey at All Stace, All The Time gave me this award last Friday. I apologize for the delay in posting.

This is the "Loyal Friend and Visitor Award." Way cool and totally awesome! Okay, so here are the rules:
1. Copy the loyal picture
2. Pass it to who you think is/are deserving.
3. Leave a message to them
4. Pass as many as you want.
5. Message back or leave a comment to the owner.

I am passing this onto: (in no particular order...)
1. Harriet @ I Am Harriet.
2. Auntie E @ At Home With Auntie E.
3. Kelley @ Kelley's Casa DeChaos.
4. Lin @ Duck And Wheel With String.
5. Patricia @ Communication Exchange.

Thank you to Stacey and thank you to all my wonderful bloggy pallies.

Lola's Diner


Lin said...

NOOOOOOO!!! I have mixed feelings when I see that you get an award. Yes, I'm thrilled for you, but then I slowly, very slowly scroll down hoping to not see my name there. ARrrggghh!!

I may have to kick you in the shins when I meet up with you. ;) Got lots of peppers for you!!

Kelley said...

Thanks, Lola! I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I'm glad I found it!

I am Harriet said...

You dork.

I am Harriet said...


I am Harriet said...

Why does Lin always get to comment first?

Lin said...

I'm Lola's favorite. :)

Lola said...

@ Lin - What can I say? Since it was a new award (I think) I thought I should beat everyone else to the punch.

@ Kelley - Your welcome. I'm glad I found your blog too.

@ Harriet - (Sigh) comment whoring again?

@ Lin - Now you and Harriet play nice. I wouldn't want to have to break up a chick fight. Or would I? Wait a minute...what am I saying? ROTFLMAO!

john said... award that is simple and Im just being passed by. Ok Lola, next time I get a 'give award to 50 folks and write a 200 word comment on each" you will be recieving one of I use to love to get awards, i thought it cool, but in bloggy world, when you see the word 'award' what it really says is "you got some work to do".....award and work should not go in the same

ok, back to your cat fight ladies....grrrrr.

Auntie E said...

I always love reading your blogs and the comments,lol.. I see Harriet is at it again,lol. Thanks for the award.
and the mention:-)Still on vacation.But Bill is causing no Beach time...Great wolf here we come.

Lola said...

@ John - Oh John, I'm so sorry, you know I love you! And you are also very deserving of this award. I plead temporary insanity. Forgive me? Please?

@ Auntie E - Yes she is. But to be completely honest, I started the one word, multiple comments to make a sentence thing when she was having the 500 and 1000 comment challenges, so I guess I'm getting what I deserve. Lol! At least you're on vacation! Ok, wait a least I got to Starbucks tonight.

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