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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One down, one to go!

Part 1 - Our 14 year old son starts school today as a high school Freshman. My baby is a Freshman! Time flies, doesn't it? (Our daughter doesn't return to school until Monday.)

Well this weekend sure flew by. I managed to power shop Sunday for a little over an hour at the Aurora Outlet mall. If you were there and saw this crazy fat lady with 2 teens in tow, you know I meant business! We were shopping for shoes, socks, unmentionables, jeans and the teen staple, graphic tees. We hit Nike, Aeropostale, Puma, Pac Sun, Zumiez, Eddie Bauer and the Hanes store. We managed only graphic tees, unmentionables for the boy and that was about it.

Today I took our resident clothes horse to Targhay for more shopping. No, I'm not talking about our daughter, I'm talking about our son, GQ. We power shopped while his sister was at golf practice. We managed to just about finish his shopping and we could not leave without a pair of those plaid shorts that all the preps were wearing at golf try-outs. And yes, I have to admit, he touched a white belt. It was on clearance, so I guess I can't chastise him too much, but I will say that it did not go in our cart. (I do have my standards!) The shopping was easy, the boy knows what he likes, what's in and he's fairly easy to fit. That 2 hour power shop was a breeze!

Then back to pick up our daughter from practice and off to Famous Footwear. Otherwise known as parental hell! It was a zoo as everyone was last minute shopping for tomorrow. We even ran into one of our son's bff's. Can I say how much I hate shoe shopping for teens? Nothing that is in their size and that they wouldn't be caught dead in is priced under $60 bucks and thats on sale. WTH? And it's not just the argument about the price, it's the argument about the size. Our son is technically a 13.5, but even though I found a couple of pairs that size, he insists he must have the size 14. (Remember people, size is everything!) Then when I suggested to our son that he probably didn't have to get sneakers, he could get casual shoes because he doesn't have gym this semester it was a whole nother set of sighs and grunts about the 2 pairs of casual shoes I found in size 14. And can I say there should be a special place in hell for the employees trolling the store asking if they can help the patrons find anything? I'm looking for size 14, if I don't see it on the shelves, do you have some special glasses that help you detect them on the shelves, because we all know that you have nothing in the back, all the shoes are out on the floor.

GQ won't admit it, but he is nervous. He complained nonstop when I showed him his bus stop. He claims it's too far to walk. I actually kind of thought so to and was going to call to complain, but when I discussed it with Anastasia she told me I needed to loosen the apron strings. GQ is planning on wearing the outfit he wore for his school id photo. He really wants to wear the hat he bought and it looks like I'm going to have to have him relinquish it before he leaves. Hats aren't allowed at school, no matter how cool you think they are. Lol! I told him he can wear it all he wants outside of school.

Later this week I will be jeans shopping for our daughter. She has manage to somehow wreck all but 1 pair of jeans she owns. When I say wrecked, I don't mean fashionably distressed, I mean damaged broken zippers, split seams, etc. Oy!
Serentity now.
Serentity now.
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Diane said...

serenity now lmao!!

my daughter tears up all her clothes too. i just try to breathe lol and remember that i did it too when i was 14. i wrote and drew pics on everything - $100 shoes and jeans. and could never figure why my mom would get all bent of shape about it lol.

why is everyone else's kids starting school before mine!? how unfair!

StaceyC4 said...

You know, in a sick way, I kind of envy you! My 17 year old son's wardrobe is atrocious. He now purchases his own clothing and I choose to have nothing to do with it because I refuse to take part in the hideousness.

My 9 year old son's wardrobe looks like I drag him to school behind the car and only take roads that are pure gravel! Every pair of jeans is a mess.

And you know what? Neither of them care, and neither of them want to shop!! Makes me crazy!!

Lola said...

@ Diane - It's just my son starting early, so I have the joy of dealing with our daughter. For someone who just got a bunch of new stuff she sure is moody and uncooperative. Grrr!

@ StaceyC4 - I was a bit worried about the outfit, that he might be made fun of. Since he is usually terribly moody after school anyway, it's hard to tell if that's what happened or not. I hope not. He wore the same outfit he wore for school pictures/ID, black chinos, black vest, white shirt and a skinny black tie.

Auntie E said...

Did the Jean thing on Tuesday, boy there went 150.00. She better live in those jeans! I do not want to hear "I have nothing to wear". I will shove her in the closet with all her jeans,LOL.
After the Jeans..."MOM" know it's coming..."since we are already out let's call Dad and go out to EAT".. augg more money and there goes the healthy losing weight thing!
"Vacation time..take me away",lol.

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