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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ingenuity Saves The Day

We had 2 casualties during our Thanksgiving meal preparation. Our oven took a dump. Last night when the kids made refrigerator biscuits it took almost an hour. I thought maybe they were playing, but when I put Anastasia's tray of stuffing in the oven and she checked on it 45 minutes later the oven shelves weren't even hot. (The oven was set to 375 degrees and we later raised it to 450. Still not hot and the burner was lit.) Anastasia didn't think anything of it when she took out the pumpkin pie and it wasn't set yet, she thought we'd pop it back in after the stuffing.

How did I save the day? My gas grill! It has a thermometer on the hood so I was able to get some temperature control. (More than the damn oven!) So when it got up to temperature I popped in the tray of stuffing and the green bean casserole. Later I swapped out the casserole and popped in the pumpkin pie to finish. When we took the pie out the pyrex dish cracked. (2nd casualty.)

Thank goodness the gas grill Anastasia got me for Christmas 2 years ago had a thermometer on the hood. And thank goodness for my Nesco Roaster that I had the turkey in.

Everything was delish! Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving.

We skipped going to Anastasia's Mom's house. Don't ask how we got out of it, I don't even know. Anastasia thought she was going to have to do her sitting gig tonight and was looking forward to the usual triple holiday pay, but the client's daughter told her to spend Thanksgiving with her family. Arghhh! We were looking forward to that bit of extra money, now we will be short because she didn't work today.

I didn't even run to get a holiday paper for the ads. I figured the less I know about what I'm potentially missing the better. Lol! I've decided Friday will be craft day instead of crazy Black Friday. Our daughter is looking forward to it. (Our son is with his dad.)

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Stephany said...

love this, reminds me of power outages and the time i bbq''d foil wrapped frozen pizza pockets.

happy thanksgiving

Diane said...

good thinking! i would have probably just freaked out! lol

OweEng2 said...

Don't you just hate it when things you need most at the moment just fails you? Good thing you had a backup!

JD at I Do Things said...

Yay! I'm glad you were able to save Thanksgiving.

I remember one year we tried using the second oven above our main oven. Like your scenario, none of the stuff was heating/cooking. I finally figured out I'd messed up the timer when I had cleaned the dials. So now I just don't clean anymore. We also don't have that stove anymore, but that top half never worked right, even once we HAD figured it out.

Dan River Mama said...

Using the grill was smart!

BTW I left an award for you on my blog this past Wednesday.

Lin said...

I wonder if you could microwave all of that stuff? I'll bet the pie would be mushy, but who knows? I'm impressed with your creativity, Lola! That is some Girl Scout quick-thinking!!

StaceyC4 said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving! Thank God you had another cooking option! We used to have a crappy oven but we usually had neighbor's who let us use theirs on holiday's when they were out of town until we got a new one.

Auntie E said...

It great to have those grills. Save the day for y'll.

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