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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Can you believe it? 517 posts! I didn't even notice when I reached 500. I guess times flies when you're having fun. And we're at 242 followers! Thank you to all of you and give a shout out once in awhile in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

All weekend was spent frantically trying to find a free twin bed frame because our son did who knows what to his old one. Anastasia just told me not to look, not to ask questions, just to know that the old one was bent beyond repair and I just needed to find one. Thankfully I got one off Craigslist and it was brand new still in the box.

When I wasn't working on that I was dealing with our daughter who wanted me to be her entertainment committee, whilst the whole time being indignant and refusing to do chores. Still trying to figure out how that works.

Today I get an email from our daughter's school, bus transportation for bowling was not arranged. I made numerous frantic phone calls and emails and it's finally arranged. Why does there always have to be this drama surrounding her after school activities? Why don't the school/coaches/special ed department/transportation get their shit together ahead of time? What if I was working, how could I possibly have made this many phone calls and emails to get this fixed?

Our son hasn't shaved since Halloween. He thinks he's rockin' the Seth Rogan scruffy look, but he's not. It just doesn't go with his Shaggy from Scooby Doo hair. He's insisting he's not shaving until he has a full beard. Umm, hello, that could be years. He's just got sideburns, hair under the chin and his neck. No mustache, no cheek hair and nothing on the chin. He looks ridiculous.

Isn't it great how the government has decided that women in their 40's don't need mammograms? (Women In 40's Advised Against Routine Annual Mammograms - Chicago Tribune.) No doubt that decision is a precursor to what we can expect from the Obama Health Plan. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for every legal United States citizen having healthcare, but if you're going to downgrade the medical necessity of certain tests and procedures to make it happen, then what is the point of it all? I'm just sayin'...

Monday night was Code of Conduct at the high school. Our daughter went last year. It's only necessary to go once in your high school career. I insisted our son go even though he continues to drag his feet about an activity. I had to go to the high school for a parent's bowling meeting afterward, so why not get all the pain over with at once? Yes, there was arguing and grunting, but I held my ground and I have his signed Code of Conduct Contract to prove it. Yay me!

Did anyone catch the Wanda Sykes show on Saturday. They seemed to have changed the format from last week. Not sure what I'm thinking of it yet, other than it is fresher than SNL. Of course that's not saying alot.

Dave Letterman needs his eyes checked. What the heck happened to Sharon Stone's face? I didn't even recognize her. Well, until she spoke...very distinctive voice.

How come my Mafia in fb keeps loosing fights and I keep losing so much money? Curses to Anastasia's niece who got me hooked. Like I don't spend enough time in this black box.

Still waiting hear about Anastasia's job interview and we are biting our nails here wondering why we haven't heard anything. Please keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, send some positive energy out into the universe our way...whatever you can do we would greatly appreciate it.

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StaceyC4 said...

My son went through the same exact thing with the shaving. He though he looked cool, I thought he looked stupid. It took well over a month for him to give up - no one was impressed with what he was growing - although it did distract from the hair that desperately needed to be washed and cut.

Either way, I don't miss it and he hasn't tried it again since. Yea!

Deb said...

Sending positive thoughts your way.

For the mafia thing... if you can, leave yourself in a country where you have no money or where you have deposited it all. If you are attacked they can't get it. Otherwise, make sure that you use your skill points for attack and defense so that you are double your level in both of those. It helps along with having the highest weapon, armor, and vehicle for every member of your mafia.

Can you tell I spend way to much time on that?

I forgot that Wanda Sykes was starting a show. Thanks for the reminder!

A.Marie said...


Don't you hate it when they keep you hanging on about a job? If you get the job, great! If you don't, then you have wasted so much time waiting! UGH! I hate it....

Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend with your daughter. You should have come over here and hung out; I was having the SAME PROBLEM with MY teen daughter! What is it? She likes a clean room, but she doesn't want to clean it. She likes clean clothes, but she doesn't want to wash them....I totally understand what you are talking about!

I'm loving the shaving issue with you son. My teen son finally started shaving this year. Because of taking inhaled steroids (did I spell that right?) for his asthma, he started growing a mustache around the 4th grade. Seriously. It didn't really bother him until recently, so on the 1st day of this school year, he decided to shave. OH MY GOODNESS...He looked so grown up!

Tell your son that girls just go ga-ga over the just-shaved look. Seriously. Girls that normally didn't even look at my son were all of the sudden coming up to him, talking to him, wanting to sit by him in band, and looking all googly-eyed at him. He doesn't see it but I do! HA! :)

Lin said...

Yeah 500 Posts!! I had mine too and didn't even know it. :) Funny how that happens after about 300 posts. Congrats, pally, on that AND the 242 followers!! Wow!

Oh, my son isn't shaving either. He pulled that crap the morning of our family photos and Joe made him shave with a real razor! He nearly died, but I forced the issue. I'm not sure what is worse--teen boys or teen girls.

Auntie E said...

Congrats on the 500 Post.
I heard about the mammograms, I just do not understand it. I think the reason we have have such good success with breast cancer is being able to catch it early . I do believe it has something to do with this health reform! Before you know it they will be saying you don't need your colon checked. Now I'm afraid we will see a high death rate in cancers.

Lola said...

@ StaceyC4 - Isn't it frustrating?

@ Deb - Whoa! You're talking all above my head, I'm just starting. You mean you can go in different countries?

@ A. Marie - Thank you. No more hanging, she got a call this morning, she didn't get it. My son isn't interested in girls yet (other than when he sneaks on the internet and goes where he shouldn't when he is at his dad's house.)

@ Lin - I don't get it. He got a brand new electric shaver for his birthday last December and I got him all the different potions and lotions and for sensitive skin pre-shave and what-not and he still won't shave. I could almost understand it if I was insisting he use a razor and shave cream.

@ Auntie E - Those are my thoughts exactly.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I total cringed when I read that about the mammograms. :(

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