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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So What's Your Thanksgiving Drama?

Er...I mean, what are you serving for Thankgiving?

No, wait...what is your Thanksgiving Drama? Or maybe you don't having Thanksgiving Drama.

We don't yet know what we'll be doing. The family matriarch (honest, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm just avoiding the use of 'mil' because technically Anastasia and I aren't married and even though her Mom ok'd me calling her Mom, I think she might spontaneously catch fire if I referred to her as 'mother-in-law'.) Even though I tried out 'Mom' just last week (yeah, it's been years, and I just snuck it in now...yes...I'm a big chicken!) and got a hug from her. Anastasia's eye's about popped out of her head when she heard me do it in front of one of the homophobic family members. Ok, now I'm ramblin, but you get my point. The family matriarch has declared that she's not doing Thanksgiving this year, but 'we' can come over. The thing is...she's told this to virtually all of Anastasia's siblings, which in effect means she IS doing Thanksgiving, but which also means it could be a huge debacle because she said she wasn't doing it and she will no doubt forget some of those conversations with the other siblings. No, I'm not kidding. This has happened before. And yes, no matter what it's always a debacle because we are all Irish and there is alcohol involved.

So this means that our Thanksgiving plans are up in the air. I will still be making a turkey dinner with all the usual trimmings, it's just a matter of when. Our menu rarely changes, except maybe adding a new dish. Lola's Thanksgiving Menu. Our daughter is insisting I make the Roasted Brussels Sprouts. She loves them.

Add to this drama, we have the ex drama. Our son will be with him for Thanksgiving, but the ex is trying to manipulate our daughter who, due to the current visitation order cannot travel to his Thanksgiving. This stipulation in the order is to protect her because of issues with previous visits. He knows this is the arrangement, yet he continues to try to manipulate her, which obviously causes her problems. He's even tried to solicit the help of our daughter's school counselor, who has repeatedly told him to cease the Thanksgiving talk, as have I, but as usual, he ignores all of us. Anastasia is about ready to have a conversation with him. Let's just say that...well..that wouldn't be pretty.

Sunday night as I typed this I was watching Grey's Anatomy repeats on late night. They aired one of the Thanksgiving episodes. The one where O'Malley has to shoot a turkey. I always love the Meredith Grey voiceovers. They're so well written. So poignant, sometimes profound. Here are just a few from the end of the episode:
"Being grateful for what you have...whatever that is."
"Maybe we're thankful for the familiar things we know...and maybe we're thankful for the things we'll never know."
"At the end of the day if we had courage enough to still be's reason enough to be thankful."
Frankly I can't wait until Thanksgiving is over. But then I'll only be more depressed, because I'm historically one of those crazies out there on Black Friday. Our budget doesn't allow for Black Friday shopping this year so I'm going to have to find some other way to amuse myself from 3am Black Friday until 5pm. Any ideas?

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Dan River Mama said...

"it's always a debacle because we are all Irish and there is alcohol involved" ROFL! Love that one...

My brother always rents a local community center or something and has a gathering on Thanksgiving. I never go as most of the folks that I can't stand in my family are there. Plus, I can't stand his wife nor anyone in her family. Also, it is stupid of him to have it on the actual day of and expect a lot of us to show up as we have our own families and in-laws to visit and cook for. Yet, every single year he invites us then gets offended that we don't show. I'd rather eat my own brain with a spork. I can't stand most of them for the rest of year, I doubt that staring at them over turkey would make it any better...

Diane said...

on black friday you can keep yourself busy by packing up and shipping me out some of your yummy leftovers! sound like a plan?? lol

i guess me and trin will be going to my mom's for thanksgiving but not til the sunday after. and she is NOT a good cook. so.... :(

Patricia Rockwell said...

It's funny you should mention Thanksgiving drama because this reminds me that one of the most horrific family fights that ever occurred in our family happened at a Thanksgiving meal one year. It was a year when I, however, was not in attendance, so I've only heard about it, but evidently my brother and my sister's husband almost got into a brawl over some innocuous comment. My sister has never forgotten it and dreads Thanksgiving each year--fearful that it will happen again (it hasn't). I only mention it on your blog, because I can't mention it on mine as all my relatives read my posts and none of them want to be reminded of this horrible event!

StaceyC4 said...

Okay, personally? I would let Anastasia UNLOAD on your ex! Some people do not understand the basics of human decency until someone gets tough on them and if she is willing to do it, then I'd let her! Take pictures, of it if you can. LOL!

As for the rest of it, moving 600 miles away from family helped get rid of all holiday drama and it has been pure bliss. We get to spend it with friends normally and it's very enjoyable. My son has been dating his girlfriend now for 2 years and so this year we are celebrating with HER family. I may have a different view of the holidays after this. I'll keep you posted!

Lin said...

Isn't that the day you should be shopping if you are gonna shop at all? Maybe set a limit of say $25 or $50 and see how many things you can get. Think of it like a quest or something.

Ah, the holidays. I'll have the Giant Ulcer on the rocks...

Lola said...

@ Dan River Mama - "Eat my own brain with a spork". Love it! Why would anyone go to the expense of renting a facility? Does he have enough turnout to make it worthwhile, or is it like a joke because very few show up?

@ Diane - I'd definitely do that if I was cooking, but at this point, I don't know when I'm cooking Thanksgiving. I just wish someone would decide something so I know when to start defrosting the bird!

@ Patricia - Maybe you should count your blessings you missed the fight.

@ StaceyC4 - Actually, I finally took a call from the ex this afternoon and told him for the last time daughter is not going, cease and desist. He said he would stop talking to her about it. We'll see. I wish you luck with your son's girlfriend's family.

@ Lin - It's always a quest, but unless some cash falls from the sky or I start selling more ads it's not going to happen. I hit the ex up today and he cried poor. He's packing up to move to his "fiance's". I told him to start selling shit on Craigslist.

GypsyNurse said...

Shot the ex...and head to the beach where I will be hiding the whipping sand, the vacant streets...going to the few stores open..that DO HAVE the most amazing deals... and eating whatever it is we feel like eating!!

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